Homeland Security: Weaknesses and Strengths Thesis

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Homeland Security: Weaknesses and Strengths

Homeland Security Presidential Directives aim at coordinating security efforts on federal, state and local level. These directives call for a systematic response to domestic terrorist's threats and attacks with the help of a National Incident Management System called NIMS and ensure that response is in according with National Response Plan (NRP). There are numerous strengths of these directives:

For one these directives call for integration which is critical for swift response and bets possible management of domestic acts of violence. It was seen in 2001, that integration had been a major problem which gave rise to incidents of 9/11 as federal agencies with some information had not been able to transfer them effectively to state governments and this led to a major security lapse. Integration is thus the key and directives call for integration on all levels.

Secondly, these directives address various important aspects of security. Different directives aim at different things. For example HSPD-5 focuses on response management. HSPD-7 is all about protecting critical infrastructure in case of threats. HSPD-2 tries to control threat to U.S. security by properly managing and altering the immigration policies.

3. HSPD can help the government identify risks in a timely fashion and develop an adequate response to nip the problem before it has actually become a threat. This way HSPD can not only allow swift management of acts of violence, it can help identify potential threats too.


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1. Homeland Security Presidential Directives are far too many and too lengthy. This can cause problems for agencies as there is a chance of possible mix-up and misunderstanding since the documents are far too many and each has a list of new instructions.

Thesis on Homeland Security: Weaknesses and Strengths Homeland Security Assignment

2. These directives focus too heavily on domestic threats and possibility of these threats attacking the U.S. from within. They do not focus on international threats which can creep into the U.S. Or which are targeted the U.S.

3. There are far too many levels of government and management. Even with all the coordination talk, there is a huge possibility that it… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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