Homeless, Present Day Issues, and Causes Thesis

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¶ … homeless, present day issues, and causes of homelessness in America. The numbers of homeless people are growing in America, largely because of the mortgage crisis and falling economy, which is putting more people out of their homes and out of work. Homelessness has always been an issue in this country, and America needs to create some new solutions to help solve the homeless problem in the country.

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Historically, there have always been homeless people in the country. From indentured servants how came to the country with nothing but their clothing to serve their masters, to the "bums" and "hobos" of the Great Depression, there have always been homeless people somewhere in the country. This older homeless population did not live on the streets. Two researchers note, "The U.S. homeless population of the 1950s and 1960s was typically composed of older men living in cheap hotels and was declining significantly in the 1970s. However, in the 1980s this 'old' homeless population was replaced by a 'new' homeless population" (Baggerly & Zalaquett, 2006). The new population contained more children, ethnicity, and younger people. Since the 1980s, the problem seems to have gotten more attention from the media and the public, perhaps because there were more homeless people than before, or perhaps because people simply became more aware of the homeless population because of the problems they face. The public has become more concerned because homeless people can create slum areas, they can create crime, and some people are just afraid of them. The government has become more concerned because an increase in the numbers of the homeless can create a strain on local shelters and drop-in centers, leading to higher costs to protect and take care of the homeless, especially homeless families and children.

Thesis on Homeless, Present Day Issues, and Causes of Assignment

Present day homelessness is being affected by the struggling economy, the home mortgage crisis, and other factors, which means that homelessness is up in many parts of the country, and this has been a trend since the 1990s. A group of researchers note, "It appears that the economic recovery of the 1990s may have had little impact on the extremely poor, from whose ranks homeless individuals and families generally come" (Tompsett, Toro, Guzicki, Manrique & Zatakia, 2006). Thus, it is usually the extremely poor that suffer from homelessness, but currently, even middle class families can be homeless. A reporter writes, "We saw family homelessness began to increase last winter,' says Sally Erickson, Portland's homeless program manager. 'There's definitely a spike in the last six months.' The number of requests for emergency shelter doubled from fiscal year 2007 to fiscal 2008, which ended in June (Koch, 2008). Most experts believe this spike will continue because of the economic crisis. As more people lose their jobs and lose their homes, they will have nowhere to go but the streets and homeless shelters, and that will continue to swell the numbers of homeless people in America.

Several issues can contribute to the homeless population besides job loss and the current mortgage crisis. Many of those on the streets are there because of mental illness.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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