Homeless Youth Population and Inadequate Healthcare Research Paper

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Youth Homelessness

As the world is becoming more and more competitive and defined, there are many new social conventions which are surfacing in our society. There have been many changes which have come up in the way of our social circle, which has redefined the way we all exist and co-participate. In each and every aspect of society, whether large or small, there are developments which have come up in the past few years (Quilgars, 2009). Standard of life has become one of the prime instincts of a society and livelihood, which is why new levels of specialization are being accustomed. Every sector has seen immense development and focused approach, which has made life very competitive. In the modern societal setup, there is a lot of pressure to perform at an optimum level, and hence outperform the counterparts. Specialization has further forced individuals to stay focused in their respective fields, be it profession or personal relations (Minnery & Greenhalgh, 2007).

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Research Paper on Homeless Youth Population and Inadequate Healthcare Assignment

This high level of competition has put majority of individuals under social pressure and performance related anxiety. This condition has worsened in the past few years, with growing social disparity and excessive glamorization of certain high life aspects. Talking in terms of demographics and population distribution, although the affect is similar on the masses at large, but the younger population is at a larger risk. With growing competitive edge across the urban populace, there is high growth in lapses on the social parenting front. Highly engrossed and professionally indulgent parents have fallen short in terms of providing the required parental education and support which is very important and decisive in deciding the personality of an individual (Quilgars, 2009). There is a very serious and negative mental development, which is taking place among the younger population, and they are facing mental troubles. Talking in terms of worldwide urban population, it is seen that majority of teenage and adolescent population has certain mental conditions, acute or otherwise. This is the latest threat to the human race, and is challenging the very existence of worldwide social structure. Major challenge which is being faced by developed nations is that of youth homelessness, which is growing by each passing day, and is needed to be curtailed at the earliest (Abramovic, 2012).

Statistical Background

According to data and survey outcomes, it has been brought forth that there are growing numbers of youth being forced into streets and live in open. According to available data, it is shown that almost 26000of homeless individuals were between the age group of 15 to 35 across U.S.A. This is a very disturbing trend and it has its repercussions over the psychology of these individuals as almost 43% of these people suffer from serious mental conditions. Apart from this almost 38% person of female youngsters who are homeless, have a history of sexual or physical harassment. There is a huge background behind this situation and there are several reasons which have led towards growth of this bane in the society. Many researches and studies in this direction have pointed out several factors and reason which have promoted this practice, and most of these factors are associated with the psychological aspect of the youth. High level of competition has led to a lot of stress due to parenting flaws or other social conventions such as bullying or shortcomings in the overall educational system can be termed as one (Lazzar, 2011). Ambitions are often left non-fulfilled, which further leads to distraught and withdrawn self, and such individuals choose a path of living on their own. An early feeling of independence and taking their own decisions is one reason many teenagers are swayed away from their family structure and are further disintegrated from social bindings and conventions. Such individuals who are highly independent are ones who are attracted towards substance abuse and alcohol abuse, which further worsens their state and intensifies distress. Substance abuse is one of the prime banes in case of teenagers or other homeless youth, and this is the major reason for worsening condition of such people (Quilgars, 2009).

Socio-Cultural Factors

There is an informal formation of a club of sorts among youth who live on the streets, and this develops into a very strong association. In such associations, when one person abuses drugs or other intoxicants, many others are negatively motivated to indulge in the same. Absence of reasoning is termed as one factor which forces the individuals to indulge in such activities and psychological state of mind draws satisfaction from drugs (Abramovic, 2012). Once this vicious circle begins, there are many other crime related avenues, which are reached and this has further crippled social life of several homeless youth. Individuals who are forced into such activities have more chances of entering into the world of organized crime and indulge in much heinous crimes, and this has been proven by many studies and researches in the past (Minnery & Greenhalgh, 2007). Researchers have critically examined the subjects in this regard and several factors such as that of unfulfilled desires and psychological shortcomings have come forth, which have forced youth away from family life. As the world is getting to be more focused and characterized, there are numerous new social traditions which are surfacing in our general public. There have been numerous changes which have come up in the method for our social circle, which has re-imagined the way we all exist and co-take an interest. In every last part of society, whether huge or little, there are improvements which have come up in the recent years (Alcantara, 2013).

Politico-Economical Factors

Standard of life has turned into one of the prime impulses of a general public and job, which is the reason new levels of specialization are being acclimated. Each segment has seen massive advancement and centered methodology, which has made life exceptionally aggressive. In the current societal setup, there is a ton of weight to perform at an ideal level, and henceforth beat the partners (Collins, 2013). Specialization has further constrained people to stay concentrated in their particular fields, be it calling or individual relations. This abnormal state of rivalry has put greater part of people under social weight and execution related nervousness (Alcantara, 2013). This condition has exacerbated in the recent years, with becoming social difference and extreme glamorization of certain high life viewpoints. Talking as far as demographics and populace conveyance, despite the fact that the influence is comparative on the masses everywhere, except the more youthful populace is at a bigger danger. With becoming focused edge over the urban masses, there is high development in omissions on the social child rearing front. Profoundly engaged and professionally liberal folks have missed the mark regarding giving the obliged parental training and help which is essential and definitive in choosing the identity of a single person. There is an intense and negative mental improvement, which is occurring among the more youthful populace, and they are confronting mental inconveniences (Minnery & Greenhalgh, 2007).

Sociological Perspective

Talking regarding overall urban populace, it is seen that greater part of young and youthful populace has particular mental conditions, intense or generally. This is the most recent risk to mankind, and is testing the very presence of overall social structure. Real test which is being confronted by created countries is that of youth homelessness, which is developing by each one passing day, and is expected to be edited at the soonest (Anderson, 2013). As indicated by information and study results, it has been yielded that there are becoming quantities of youth being constrained into roads and live in open. There is an enormous foundation behind this circumstance and there are a few reasons which have driven towards development of this bane in the general public. Numerous scrutinizes and studies in this bearing have called attention to a few components and reason which have advanced this practice, and the majority of these variables are connected with the mental part of the youth (Quilgars, 2009). Abnormal state of rivalry has prompted a ton of anxiety because of child rearing blemishes or other social traditions, for example, harassing or inadequacies in the general instructive framework can be termed as one. Aspirations are frequently left non-satisfied, which further prompts upset and withdrawn self, and such individual chose a way of living all alone. An early feeling of freedom and taking their own choices is one reason numerous teens are influenced far from their family structure and are further broken down from social ties and traditions. Such people who are very autonomous are ones who are pulled in towards substance abuse and liquor abuse, which further exacerbates their state and heightens trouble. Substance abuse is one of the prime banes in the event of teens or different homeless youth, and this is the significant purpose behind compounding state of such individuals (Lazzar, 2011). There is a casual arrangement of a club of sorts among youth who live in the city, and this forms into an extremely solid… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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