Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety Homeopathy Research Paper

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[. . .] Causes of Anxiety Disorder:

Choices of lifestyle

Caffeine, Alcohol and certain drugs

Emotional trauma

Lack of balance of some specific chemicals in the brain.

Heredity (Coulter and Dean, 2007)

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder:

Needless, impractical and out of control concerns about daily things

Increase in heartbeat

Stiffness in muscles




Dizziness and trembling

Changes in mood

Feeling of Pessimism and hopelessness


Sexual impotence

Disturbed sleep (Coulter and Dean, 2007)

Homeopathic approach to Anxiety Disorders:

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Prolonged anxiety that is untreated can add to other psychological ailments, drug abuse and alcohol; in addition, it weakens the immune system and speeds up the aging process. A hale and hearty immune and nervous system manages our body's curing process and protects it against diseases and infections or a hyper reaction to the occurrence of disease. The ability to strengthen mental serenity supports wellness, longevity and liveliness. Homeopathic medicines labor towards corresponding neurotransmitter degrees in the brain. Homeopathic legitimate treatment will help remove anxiety disorders, avert relapses as well as assist building of self-worth, phobias and assurance. The remedies serve as an everlasting and eternal cure for adults and children, and continue to have no side effects and remain effective too. It also caters in promoting mental health making the body strong enough to heal on its own (Coulter and Dean, 2007).

Research Paper on Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety Homeopathy Assignment

Homeopathy has a distinguishing feature that it can be safely used by ones who are already taking other medicines. Homeopathic drugs have a non-addictive nature and they don't make people habitual of them. Homeopathy has made an outstanding record, by proving its safety and clinical effectiveness with the FDA over a period of 200 years (Coulter and Dean, 2007).

Self-induced measures to counter anxiety:

A relaxing hot bath is also helpful in reducing stress

A positive attitude is indicative of healthy mind, so always look at the brighter side of the picture which caters you in managing stress in an effective way

An ample amount of sleep will be beneficial in limiting anxiety and stress

Music serves a nice therapy of mind, so listen to your favorite music for reducing stress

Diet which has a high nutritional value is also helpful

Laughing is an excellent way of curbing stress and reduces hormones of adrenaline and cortisol, thus indulge in activities which make you laugh

Exercise at regular basis (Coulter and Dean, 2007)

Medical and scientific analysis for Homeopathy

Modern scientific research does not favor Homeopathy. The preparation of homeopathic medicines involves extreme dilutions which eliminates all the atoms, ions or molecules in the resultant product. The dose-response relationship of conventional drug varies with the idea of biological effects which could result from the preparation of a homeopathic medicine. It is believed that water contains the "memory" from the diluted ingredient as a result of extreme dilution, which contradicts the conventional laws of physics and chemistry. The placebo effect is thought to be responsible for the success attained by homeopathic remedies. Critics put forward the fact that homeopathic remedies lack thorough research and study which verify the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. According to the critics, homeopathy is harmful because the practitioners induce meaningless emotions of hope that can affect regular treatment badly and cause disinterest in it (Frei, et al., 2006).

Homeopathy is employed with a belief that it is helpful. However clinically, homeopathy has no effect similar to other placebos, but it can leave emotional aftereffects. Significantly, this placebo can diminish real treatment affects adversely (Lawvere and Mahoney, 2005).

The placebo effect

It is true that there is an emotional ease in a patient with the acknowledgment of getting a treatment. Moreover, this emotional ease can be really helpful in reviving from illnesses, recovering from injuries or viruses. This is due to low pressure on the immune system and lack of excessive blood pressure. Therefore, even if a treatment is just an element of knowledge, it releases physical stress (Lawvere and Mahoney, 2005).

Conditioned responses to placebos are also worth significance. Often the immune system becomes efficient when a similar treatment is provided again (Conner et al., 2006). Nevertheless, apart from conditioning and stress relief, there is no effect of placebo on:

• Repeatability

Consider an example of a patient who takes morphine regularly as a treatment for extreme chronic pain. If a placebo is offered as an alternative treatment it will help. However, when similar placebo treatment is provided repeatedly, it will lose its effect and the body will realize its ineffectiveness (Frei, et al., 2005).

• Potency

Placebos can possibly only work in cases of minor illnesses. It may assist in emotional stresses resulted by minor causes but it can never help in treatment of broken bones, cancers or infections. Basically, it has to do with the emotional element of an illness and not the real element of it (Frei, et al., 2005).

A powerful placebo

A powerful placebo effect is defined as a successful placebo treatment for a major illness. However, the success should be credited only after considering other significant elements (Conner et al., 2006).

Although having no relation, but recovery and pill administration will go simultaneously on certain occasions. Spontaneous recovery and Fluctuating symptoms are methods for it (Conner et al., 2006).

• Spontaneous recovery: In Spontaneous recovery, the patient will be provided health through the recuperative processes of his/her own body, only if the disease is not deadly and critical (Conner et al., 2006).

• Fluctuating symptoms: In Fluctuating symptoms, the pain which is associated with arthritis is in come and go situation. Improvement is witnessed whenever the pain goes worse. Sometimes, because of treatment and in some cases it is witnessed even without any treatment. Particularly in the cases that are addressed by homeopaths, like acne, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, multiple sclerosis, etc., in each case it is witnessed that any dose makes them better, despite of showing worst symptoms (Conner et al., 2006).


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