Homosexuals Can Be 'Married Term Paper

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Straw Man: (post) "the majority of abusers (physical, sexual or emotional) were themselves abused. And that is the cycle that I am saying needs to stop." reply) I work with Developmentally Disabled individuals, some who have been abused in horrible ways. Some of these individuals could never think of abusing someone like they have been abused, so although the cycle you speak of needing to be stopped does occur at times, it does not mean that it will occur.

Thos that have been abuse sexually does not mean they will be abusive sexually later in life.There is a sexual deviant cycle, but that is not what you are refering to. The cycle you speak of really does not exist.

8. Amphiboly: "Jonathan Walton wrote: 'Just because people don't have names, it doesn't mean you can't refer to them in other ways.'

I'd have to disagree. Once you have decided to use a term to refer always to a specific person, regardless of whether it's Bill, J. Crew Guy, Tall Man, or First Man My PC Speaks to This Scene, you've created a name. Otherwise, nicknames and pet names and other surrogate references would not exist. "


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Homosexuals Can Be 'Married' Is Assignment

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