Case Study: Honey Bees and Colony Collapse

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[. . .] type) of the potential causes listed above, and then discuss your opinion regarding which, if any, is the most likely cause. If you do not believe any of these chemicals are contributing to CCD, provide a brief discussion about what you believe to be the cause. Information resources can be gathered from the journals and articles available in our CSU Library Databases. Be sure to provide both in-text references as well as the full citations in APA format at the end of your analysis. Include a cover page and brief abstract for your analysis (these pages are not to be included in the total 4-5-page requirement). The Case Study assignment must follow APA style guidelines, therefore the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. The Ebsco Database (Business Source Complete) is a very good source of journals for articles related to the subject matter discussed in both assignments.

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