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For the sake of simplicity and professional look, the format of blogs will be restricted unlike Myspace example. Each blog and content in the website will easily be shared on Facebook and Twitter as well as Youtube and other internet networking services. The current page will be indicated bold. The language buttons will be included on the right most side of the page (Figire 1). Context will include the videos, images, news and a dynamic flash box will indicate the last minute news and developments in the regions. The detailed information about the activities in a particular country will be published under each country's child page. Text will be always below the map and related to the menu item such as the first click to a particular country will return to an introductory message, about us menu will indicate the people behind the activities in that particular country, contact us menu should clearly give the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, help your world should be the page explaining how the visitors can involve in the activity, calendar should always be up-to-date and show the important events and dates, project list is the child page that most of the activities defined, our supporters should be the page including the name of the institutions, companies and people who involved in the activities in the particular country, and related links should indicate the other websites in the matter. The child pages related to main menu items should be simple and very clear. For example, project lists page should start with a short description including the name of the projects highlighted by hyperlinks. The hyperlinks should navigate the visitors to the detailed pages (Figure 3 and 4).

Development Environment

Nowadays, XHML and CCS will be the best solution for a webpage as HopeTree. The expectation from the webpage is serving worldwide with dynamics blogs and information sources. Because of the data structure (text base) XML would be the best solution for the databases with the flexibility support of CCS. In order to be able to benefit from these three development environment, the design will be very simple, but will serve to the aim of the HopeTree.

TOPIC: Web Content on Hopetree Designing a Website for Assignment


The literature and experiences defined the main criteria of the proposed website:

(1) The webpage for the non-profit organization HopeTree should be simple and user friendly whereas the development cost is not expensive.

(2) Visitors should trust the professional credibility of the webpage while they reach the information easily and fast.

(3) The hyperlinks should navigate the visitors to the detailed pages without any surprise.

(4) The colors of the webpage should be pastel representing trust and ease.

(5) The development environment should be flexible and able to deal with complex data and databases.

Taken all together, HopeTree would be the best solution for a non-profit company promoting safe and quality assignments for volunteers in three countries, Morocco, India, and Angola.

Figure 1. Aesthetic. The basic colors and the fonts were chosen. The buttons and hyperlinks are organized.

Figure 2. The text of the main page. Short but explaining the main aim of the website. Please note that the map is shown just above the context. In the other pages it will be menus related to the country.

Figure 3. The main structures of country webpage. Please note that the buttons below the countries change to provide country related information.

Figure 4. The menu buttons below the map and the introductory text about Morocco… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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