Hospital Merger Term Paper

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John Hopkins Hospital Merger

The Perspective of Human Resources

The purpose of this work is pertaining to the acquisition of a hospital that provided service to a limited community within the region served by John Hopkins (JH). The larger unit, JH has all its departments and functions fully managed with an executive vice president as the head of the unit. Included are VPs of Finance, Information Systems, Administration, Compliance, Employment Services provided so there would be no need to retain all the staff of the community hospital. Due to the acquisition the community hospital would be delegated as a department within the JH organization and the previous CEO has been named executive VP who will report to the CAO of JH. The board of JH determined that it would not be cost effective to maintain any of the employees of the community hospital.

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Reassignment must be accomplished in relation to filling the positions of nurses, doctors, and support staff for the purpose of full maintenance of all services at the community hospital. Staff is comprised of approximately 3,000 employees. The management at JH felt that with efficient assignment of staff that it could operate the community hospital profitably and prevent any potential layoff of its own staff. This was a concern since the community hospital has significant debt that JH is required through the terms of acquisition to settle. Furthermore JH had problems itself in the maintenance of cost and had considered laying-off staff. This absorption of debt would place JH in fiscal jeopardy of some type were financial affairs not efficiently managed.

The decision has been made by management to restructure the use of staff to ensure that all abilities are fully utilized. The staff's morale was negatively affected by this decision. As stated in the article of James Hauden and Donald MacLean:

Term Paper on Hospital Merger Assignment

the purpose of change management is not to create a great change management is to engage people in your business so they can think and act differently about it...all the people in the company must realize how they must personally change at a deep intrinsic level to make the transformation a reality. (Hauden & MacLean, 2002)

If JH wants to change to be a success then John Hopkins must, through HR change management take the lead and show that they are willing to sacrifice and will require the staff to do likewise. This work will address the following from the above change initiation which is a hospital merger.

Supervisory training - What (new) skills will managers and supervisors need after the change is implemented? Why? What (new) skills will managers and supervisors need after the change is implemented? Why? How will they obtain these skills and competencies?

Employees relations policies and procedures - What, if any HR policies and procedures will need to be implemented/changed? Why? What are implications of not changing these policies and procedures?

Develop action steps, responsibilities, due dates, deliverables and so on, for each planned intervention.

Organization - Are there clear lines of responsibility for all activities, including the role of HR?


How-to-guide entitled "Managing Organizational Change" written by Queensland Health in 1998 advises manager on the planning phase of organizational change in relation to the planning and implementation. The reaction of the staff within the organization to the process of change greatly influences the success of the change and the outcomes of the organization's management initiative. Therefore, the emotional aspects of the employees and the resulting interactions are something that the manager must calculate in the change management planning equation. It is vital that the employees of the institution or organization possess 'ownership' in the upcoming changes. It is up to the manager to see that this takes place through appropriate equitable processes...that focus on the need for constant open communication with employees and their representatives." (Queensland Health, 2005)

Upon having determined that change management will take place the realization that "variables are predictable and can be allowed for in the planning process, whereas other variables are difficult to predict or include in the plan." Three listed 'keys' in changing paths within an organization are stated to be:

The path of change as planned by the change agent to achieve the future… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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