Hospitality the Most Memorable Term Paper

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Hospitality Case Study

The most memorable hospitality experience that I have had actually started out as a very negative situation. We checked into our hotel on a very hot evening and we were pleased to walk into a room that was nice and cool because the hotel had turned the air conditioner on prior to our arrival. However, we noticed almost immediately that the air conditioner was extremely loud. It was more than just the normal sound of the unit blowing air; it was a rattling noise because something inside the air conditioner was obviously scraping against something else. Initially, we were hoping that it was something that could be "fixed" by simply giving it a sharp tap on the side with a hand but that didn't work at all. We tried to turn it off and turn it back on to see if that might work, but it didn't and the noise continued as soon as we turned it back on.

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We called the front desk and told the person who answered the phone that our air conditioner worked but it was much too loud. She apologized and explained that the hotel was planning to upgrade to a centralized air-conditioning system that would be quieter. I had to explain to the girl that I am familiar with traditional single-unit air conditioners, that I was not talking about the ordinary noise from a typical air conditioner working properly, and that there was no way we would be able to sleep with the air conditioner running. I took the phone closer to the window and I held the receiver next to the air conditioner so that she could hear the scraping and (now) the loud squeaking for herself. She immediately apologized and said that she would send someone from maintenance to our room to fix it. When the maintenance person was unable to fix it for us, the front desk supervisor apologized and informed us that we were being upgraded to a suite at no charge and the rest of our stay was perfect after that change.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Hospitality Case Study the Most Memorable Hospitality Assignment

The experience started out negatively and could have become a very negative experience for us. For example, the hotel could have apologized but informed us that they had no other rooms available. They might have offered us coupons for a subsequent stay or for free meals but that would not have been a satisfactory solution and would have resulted in a much different outcome, particularly with regard to the five dimensions of service. Because the hotel handled the situation in a way that genuinely resolved the problem satisfactorily and provided us with the hospitality experience we had paid for and expected, we provided positive word-of-mouth feedback to others. For example, we left a detailed comment on the website where we had booked out stay explaining that we were impressed with the way that hotel management responded to and resolved our problem. Just as we felt motivated to reciprocate for the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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