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[. . .] Many believe that he is simply exercising his right to free speech and that his antics do not really hurt anyone. If anything many feel that the show is needed and that sharing one's opinions is simply a right given to the citizens of the United States of America. Many feel that challenging the powers that be is a good thing that everyone should practice form time to time.

The biggest fans of the Shock Jock seem to be the television stations that carry his programming. They seem to understand full well the controversy of Stern but some how they are willing to overlook it because the ratings for his show continue to be so high. The Stern show has provided a much-needed boost to many radio and television stations.

In addition advertisers are also supportive of the show, though some have pulled their advertising because of boycotts.

With so many viewers in the 18 to 40-age range it seems that advertisers can't afford to ignore the profits that can be made by advertising during Stern's show.

Howard Sterns Influence on Radio and television

The influence that Stern has in the arenas of radio and television are monumental. He has held the #1 rating in New York and in the radio market for ten consecutive years. Howard Stern is also the first disc Jockey to ever have a #1 show in New York and Los Angeles at the same time. He remains one of the most influential disc jockeys in the history of radio.

Howard Stern's television show debuted in 1998 and was met with opposition from many groups. Broadcasting and Cable reported that during its first week on television the Stern's show scored a 4.9 rating/12 share nationally, according to Nielsen Media Research. In the New York market, Stern reportedly scored a 7.0/15, beating Saturday Night Live by 19% and bringing the 11:30 P.M. time period up 159% from the year before. In the Los Angeles market, (Schlosser) Stern scored a 6.6/16, falling slightly short of SNL but improving the time period 200% from the month before. (Schlosser) Broadcasting and Cable also reported that Bill Carroll of the Katz television group stated "It did extremely well in terms of performance for its first effort,...And if the contest is Stern vs. Saturday Night Live, it wasn't a knockout, but it may have been a technical knockout." (Schlosser)

How Stern Changed How we act and think

Beyond the success that he has had in radio and television Stern has changed forever the ways in which Americans act and think. Stern and changed the way we act because the topics that he discusses have often been thought of as taboo in American Society. So the fact that Stern has chosen to discuss them openly and freely has influenced the behavior of an entire generation. In particular he has spawned a whole new sexual revolution amongst young adults and teenagers. On the whole the actions of Americans are considerably more open with their sexuality, which can be directly attributed to the influence of Howard Stern in Media and Television.

Howard Stern has also influenced the way that Americans think. Stern has persuaded us to be vocal about our opinions even if they are not the same opinions that are shared by mainstream America. The shock jock has also encouraged us to challenge authority, to question it, because authority isn't always right or just. Many believe that his influence on America has only been negative which is understandable but I believe that his influence and impact or our actions and the way that we think have been necessary agents in forming the America that we live in and love.


This essay has discussed the historical influence of Howard Stern on American society. We found that from an early age Stern was interested in and pursued a career as a deejay. We then explored both the good and bad opinions that are shared about the media giant and how he changed the manner in which we act and think. Our investigation uncovered that Stern has often been at the center of controversy because of the comments that he has made. Stern's chief opponents include the American Family Association and the American Decency Association. Finally we explored his influence on radio and television and found that his contributions include unprecedented ratings and unprecedented controversy.

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