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Organizations need efficient workforce in order to carry out their activities in such a way that their customers and shareholders are satisfied. Identification of efficient manpower and recruiting them are the responsibilities and concerns of Human Resource - HR department in any enterprise. The process of recruitment includes identifying the positions that need to be filled, releasing advertisements in newspapers, calling suitable candidates for interviews and selecting the most suitable candidates. Earlier advertisements for jobs usually appear in newspapers, television, college campuses and so on. In recent times, the growth of Internet is so good that online recruitment is becoming a reality. Internet recruiting refers to usage of Internet for the process of recruiting. Jobs advertised through Internet reaches millions of job seekers. These advertisements are available online throughout the world and round the clock at a fraction of cost of an advertisement in a local newspaper. As these advertisements are available throughout the world, they easily attract suitably qualified job seekers.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on HR Internet Recruiting Assignment

As Internet recruiting is in digital media, there is no need to spend money for formatting, distributing and publishing in print media. These cost savings attract small employers towards Internet recruiting. As jobs advertised through Internet by small and big employers are available all the time and anywhere in the world, Internet recruiting does not differentiate between small and big employers. This is a major advantage for small employers. Internet job seekers are more educated and more prosperous than non-Internet users. This gives high quality job seekers to recruiters. Internet recruiting offers considerable speed and ease compared to any other method of recruitment. Internet recruiting offers hitherto unmatched possibilities. Jobs advertised on major Internet career sites exceed 500,000. Online career centers like Career Mosaic, the Monster Board and the Online Career Center carry out majority of Internet recruiting. These career centers provide databases of resumes for employers to look for and databases of jobs to look for by job-seekers, who make use of keywords to spot preferred positions and react to the chosen companies, typically through e-mail, fax or telephone.

In Internet recruiting, as the advertisements are posted instantaneously and are available to job seekers immediately, it offers quicker response than conventional methods of recruiting. Keyword search reduces the possibility of flooding of applications and increases the possibility of reaching potential candidates. As Internet recruiting is a worldwide phenomenon, the employers can reach to those job seekers who live in far-off places if these job seekers wish to relocate to the place of employers. Internet recruiting enables the employers to provide the profile of the company, possible career advancements, and benefits offered to the employees. These information help job seekers to find their suitability. (Internet Recruiting)

Internet recruiting from HR point-of-view:

There is remarkable pressure on recruitment agencies due to extreme competition, a powerful economy and low joblessness. The managers are required to do further with less and so they want employers to promptly fill up empty positions. It is difficult to find high merit candidates, as there is a waning in HR budgets. (How to Measure Your Online Recruiting Efforts)

The growth of companies, which hold the Internet as the favored recruiting means has increased gradually since 1997. In their search for talent, companies frequently try to optimize their policy, procedure and efforts to stand out among their struggle on the Web. Corporate recruiting and human resource departments ask for more money every year from their recruiting funds to enhance their efficiency online via technology and/or service integration. We see often companies trying to work out their problems completely by technology investment without first evaluating a load of other incorporation problems important to online recruiting success. Eventually, victorious execution of a successful Internet recruiting program is directly linked to how well an organization can incorporate a technically-based plan with available physical recruiting processes and systems. (Integrating technology with your existing recruiting processes)

The following are the facts about Internet recruiting, which may be of interest to HR personnel. One method of assessing the possible success of a web site for recruitment advertising is to note the number of visitors per month; for example, for site, the number of visitors per month is 10,774,000. As different age group people access Internet, HR personnel can invite job seekers from any age group. Candidates looking for job contentment in their job search, grade newspaper and Internet as the best. No other media option come close to these. Since March 2000, the number of American's who search for job online has increased to 60%. The people who search online for jobs are younger that is 61% of the 18-29 group use the Internet for a job search, and 50% of male search online for jobs when compared to 44% of women. (10 studies about Internet usage)

Benefits of Internet recruiting for HR personnel:

For the modern recruiter, online recruitment and the application of new budding technologies have many benefits. The process of getting new business opportunities and candidates becomes faster, economical and more competent. But the only disadvantage with online recruitments it appears as though it is a discouraging subject. In fact, the Internet has completely transformed the role of the conventional recruiter. The old custom of calling the candidates and identifying the potential candidates are gone. At present it's about exploring hundreds of thousands of CV's positioned on personal web pages and surfing online corporate staff directories. With billions of both personal and corporate websites accessible to surf and over 7 million new pages being inserted every day, the Internet can offer important business intelligence information for all divisions of the market place. (E-cruitment is revolutionizing the Recruitment Industry)

The Internet can establish to be a useful resource for finding prospective candidates in a candidate famished market, which are not essentially looking to amend their current jobs but would be open to the right opportunity. In the meantime in a candidate-loaded marketplace, we can make use of the Internet to find suitable live job openings where companies have publicized directly on the web. The Internet can also be used to find information about a company's financial results, the budget information, and details about recent appointments and business gains and loss. With the correct search technique, we can what we are really surfing for. In other words, Internet can be said as a goldmine of valuable resources. There are many techniques for finding the correct information that will be of a precious use to the recruiter on the web. The most accepted industry terms are words like flipping, x-raying and peeling back. It is these terms that are gradually redefining the function of the conventional recruiter and changing the way that forward thinking recruitment agencies work. Let us see how we can make use of it to find out the prospective candidate and made new business. For instance, 'X-raying' is a method accomplished with the use of some easy search commands in many of the major search engines.

Much of the information is not visible when you visit the site, and it dwells in pages that are not connected to the main web pages or on other pages that are accessible to the casual visitor. Search engines will locate all pages on a website, not considering they are linked and thus when you x-ray a website you can see web pages that would not be available or hidden to you. If you peel back a web address, which is mainly concerned about erasing the last part of the web address up to the last forward slash (/), this will enable to understand all the information present in that folder. 'Flipping', is used to get the relationships between web pages based on how they are hyper linked together. Many people form home pages, alumni pages or brief listings about them that are applicable to their experience and about the previous companies that they have worked. These methods can considerably lessen the time and attempts involved in spotting out related information from the billions of freely reachable web pages. Advanced Internet is the best way to search for candidate CVs, staff lists, conference attendees or user groups etc. (E-cruitment is revolutionizing the Recruitment Industry)

Tips on Internet recruiting for HR Personnel:

One of the useful methods for HR personnel to use Internet for recruiting is to ensure that they have an efficient job board policy. Job boards refer to Monster, HotJobs and CareerBuilder. Recruiters can use these job boards along with niche and local sites for their recruitment. Job boards can serve the job of taking the jobs to the job seekers in a better way because they are focused and are economical. Job boards may reach to passive candidates but not efficient in reaching perfectly qualified candidates. This is because those perfectly qualified candidates may not browse these job boards as they are hard working and they enjoy complete security of job with their employers. Hence, to attract these perfectly qualified candidates, an effective job board policy must… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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