HR Management Human Resources Planning Has Three Essay

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HR Management

Human resources planning has three main stages - forecasting demand, analyzing the availability of Human resources to meet that demand and formulating a strategy to ensure the organization acquires the resources it needs.

The first step is forecasting demand. The human resources department must determine what its HR needs are going to be going forward. They must take several things into account. One is the growth rate of the company. This will help determine the number of people that the company is going to need. The second thing that must be taken into account is the types of workers that will be needed. This will help to direct the strategy when the time comes. By doing this forecasting, the human resources department will have a strong sense of what positions will need to be filled, and by how many workers.

The second step is analyzing the availability of human resources. This step has two main parts. The first is that human resources must analyze the internal human resources. They need to know what the firm's current capabilities are, since it is always easier to deal with human resource situations internally.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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