HR Research Requirements Research Paper

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HR Research


There are a variety of different specific research methodologies and instruments that can be utilized in researching human resource systems and issues. The degree to which any given research method is appropriate for a specific research question is dependent both on the specific factors accounted for in the research method/model as well as the degree to which the method/model has been demonstrated as effective and accurate in real research settings, as evidenced by current literature. In this section, several potential methodologies will be discussed and recommended for the specific needs of this research, namely a general analysis of the effectiveness of the current human resources system that has been put into place. Further specifications in the research question can lead to the ore definite and focused selection of research methods form these preliminary recommendations.

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Job analysis should comprise a primary area of the research when addressing general questions of the current human resources system, and there are several questionnaires and other assessment tools that have been developed for analyzing and categorizing different positions (HR Guide 2001). The Occupational Analysis Inventory (OAI) can provide extensive information about the specifics of each position and task examined, as well as demonstrating to some degree the connections and networks created by these different positions (HR Guide 2001). Utilizing the MOSAIC database that has been compiled by the Office of Personnel Management can also lead researchers to an awareness of similar occupational/system issues already identified by the federal government (HR Guide 2001).

Research Paper on HR Research Requirements There Are a Variety Assignment

In addition the questionnaire approach of job analysis, another highly useful methodology in determining the efficacy as well as the basic architecture of the specific human resource system being researched is to engage in-depth interviews with key officers and personnel (Bharracharyya 2007). In addition to providing clues as to the manner in which the human resources system in place actually operates according to the individuals that are within it -- that is, the actual perceptions of the human resource system and thus the useful understanding of this system -- elements such as performance management and motivation can also be more efficiently and accurately studied through a carefully constructed interview approach (Bharracharyya 2007). These combined methods of interview and questionnaires will provide site-specific and highly reliable information so long as the specific instruments utilized are developed from well-established criteria and research.

1.2 Key Factors

Due to the large number of specific methodologies that exist, and the even larger variety of different instruments that can be used as a part of these methodologies, it is important to take conscious steps to maintain reliability, accuracy, and validity in the results of this research. Not all research methodologies and instruments will be as well-equipped for all purposes, so general reliability does not entail reliability in this specific instance of research (Bharracharyya 2007). By maintaining an awareness of and control over certain key factors during the several phases of the research project, this problem can be mitigated.

One factor that is of increasing importance in most modern organizations when conducting any sort of research into human resources and human resource systems is taking into account the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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