HRM Comprises of Issues Term Paper

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[. . .] (ii) It focuses on the results for Target Groups and comprises of targets and assessment system for each of the Key Result Areas. These systems will deliver our Dept with the scope to measure the progress of EEO qualitatively as well as quantitatively. (Company Policies - Queensland Health)

(2) Layman's explanation of the HRM terms:

(i) HR Planning: - As people are the ultimate resources of any organization, an HR strategy must look forward that it has the right people doing the right job, with the right blend of competencies with the right attitudes and behaviors and the employees are built up in the proper manner. (Module 8: Human Resource Management) (ii) Recruitment: Recruitment is the hiring of people with the right skill sets which let the management to find out and steadily change the behavioral traits and skills of the workforce. The current trend in the workplace has been teamwork rather than the hierarchical model of organizational functioning. (Recruitment)

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(iii) Training: - Training is equipping an employee with the right set of skills or upgrading his existing skills or addition of a new skill that is able to bring about the required change an agency is looking forward to. Giving training raises an employee's performance, develops group and team skills required to attain organizational goals, motivate employees to achieve improved standards. (Supervisor's Guide: Training & Development) (iv) Performance Appraisal (PA): - PA seeks to give employees answers to what the employee is expected to perform, how well the employee is faring, what are his strengths and weaknesses and the manner in which a better job can be done and how more can be contributed towards organizational objectives. (Performance Appraisal)

Term Paper on HRM Comprises of Issues Regarding Assignment

(v) Employees benefits & Compensation: These are the various advantages which are extended to employees in the course of their employment like "retirement plans, insurance ranging from life, health and disability, vacation and Employee Stock Option Plan or ESOP" (Employee Benefit and Compensation) (vi) Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO): EEO promotes quality of employment through an EEO Management Plan which competes for recruitment, selection, promotion and transfers inside the Dept besides undergoing careers within the Dept and other Dept as efficiently as people those who are not members of the target group. Besides, abolition of unlawful discrimination by the Dept or its staff against members of the target groups as regards matters relating to employment. (Company Policies - Queensland Health)


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