HRM Most of What Betty Assessment

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Most of what Betty did was wrong in her approach to Sue. The first thing is that she issued a written warning with no hard information. Essentially, Betty did not undertake a serious investigation and therefore all she used to write up the written warning was hearsay from one patient and some co-workers. This runs contrary to HRM best practices, which require a full and proper investigation when there is to be disciplinary action. An employee should be presented, if possible, with evidence stronger than hearsay. Betty should have at least been a first-person witness and been able to compare her observations with guidelines for behavior.

The second problem for Betty is that she did not seem to have any set guidelines. Thus, Sue likely was given no instruction with respect to expectations on the job. She is not a customer service rep, so while it is reasonable that Sue would be aware of the need to be at least civil, she seems to have been judged here against a standard she might not have even been aware of. If there are specific standards and expectations regarding employee behavior, the employee needs to be aware of those.

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The third problem for Betty is that she did not allow any feedback from Sue. First, she should have talked to Sue first, before issuing a written warning. Second, when issuing a written warning, Betty needed to have feedback from Sun at that point. Shutting down the conversation, instead of engaging with Sue is not only against best practices, but it damages the employee-employer relationship. Furthermore, this is something that Sue could use if a wrongful dismissal suit, that she was forced to sign a Final Written Warning without being allowed to say a single word in her defense or having been asked anything about the issue. Betty's communication style here is a bigger problem than Sue's.

TOPIC: Assessment on HRM Most of What Betty Assignment

Now Betty has created an even bigger mess. First, she is setting the hospital up for a wrongful termination suit. Such suits can be costly, not only to fight but to settle where there are issues of pay remuneration, loss of earning capacity and punitive costs associated with such suits (Ireland, 2011). If Betty wants to remove Sun from the organization, she needs to do this in a manner that does not expose the company to these kinds of risks.

The second issue Betty has now created is a significant rift within the department. If she was worried about morale, she should fire herself. Betty's actions were completely inappropriate. Now there is a bona fide morale problem where one worker feels that she is being singled out for punishment unfairly, completely mistrusts everyone in the department, and knows that many people in the department are "out to get her." This is not a good situation, and if Betty wanted to handle this properly she needed to talk to Sue directly. She should not have talked to other staff members at all, nor told Sue that she had done so. Now Sue has gone over Betty's head, which shows that there is a high level of distrust. And this is going to see Betty investigated.

Betty's actions have created a disgruntled employee where one might not have existed before, and have created legal risk to the organization. The letter is probably going to have to be scrapped from the record. Further, Betty is trying to force an arbitrary standard of behavior. If this is left unchecked by the COO, the department is going to be confused as to what the standards of behavior are, which will only create more problems.

2. I do not see that Betty did much of anything right. Her investigation techniques were poor, and led to her doing a sloppy job, ending up with no real evidence. Her communication… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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