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A disgusting result was obtained from a new audit from city Controller John Liu discovered that city bureaucrats paid out $11.8 million in rent subsidies in recent years to nearly 4,000 people too dead to enjoy them (Einhorn, 2011). Since the money obviously didn't benefit the deceased, instead relatives and landlords were using the funding for their own benefit. This represents a total lack of accountability by the city's housing authority.

Other problems identified in New York City regarding their local housing authority include not sending out their vouchers for section eight recipients causing them trouble with their rent status. The housing authority blamed a new computer and phone system for not being able to process the tenets requests. Several of the victims impacted have actually gone as far as to sue the New York City Housing Authority for the damages caused to them from this affair (Carder, 2011).

PHA vs. NYCHA Statistical Overview



Number Of Units



Individuals Helped






Waiting List



City Population




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While the various branches of HUD severe as a valuable service to low income families that are in need of assistance in regards to obtaining decent housing, transgressions such as the one's highlighted are very troubling to say the least. Since funding for these programs comes from tax payers in this country, one might expect that there should be some level of accountability maintained in the management and administration of these programs at all times. People generally aren't too excited to pay as much as they do in taxes and it is reasonable to suspect that when taxpayers become aware that their funds are being blatantly mismanaged then this represents a serious issue.

Research Paper on HUD Department of Housing and Assignment

Despite the managerial problems that have recently arisen in these two organizations, the demand for public housing needs to be filled as effectively as possible to mitigate social injustices that may occur otherwise. The problem is rather straight forward and there are primarily two types of solutions available. First, the programs could be shut down completely however this would cause a great deal of suffering from people who are in need. Therefore, these organizations must be forced to be accountable and offer the public a great deal of transparency regarding all of the operations.

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