HUD's Human Resource Management Research Paper

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These HR system goals and practices are based on some major components in human resource management. One of the components of HUD’s human resource system’s goals and practices is facilitating talent management. The agency human resource management professionals believe that promoting talent management is an important component toward recruiting and hiring a qualified workforce. Therefore, the agency has established different programs that enable the HR department to manage talent within the workforce.

Secondly, the agency’s HR goals and practices relating to recruitment and hiring a qualified workforce incorporate conducting an internal assessment of personnel needs and using this information in making recruitment and hiring decisions. In this regard, the organization ensures that personnel decisions are made based on the existing needs and corporate human resource trends. Murray et al. (2013) states that workforce analysis and planning is essential in HUD’s human resource practices since it promotes flexibility and foresight in decision-making. Therefore, strategic workforce planning toward recruiting and hiring a qualified workforce at HUD is based on workforce analysis.

The third component of the agency’s HR goals and practices is promoting employee engagement, which leads to enhanced workforce productivity. The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development ensures that HR goals and practices are centered on encouraging employee engagement in organizational or work processes. The agency’s HR programs are designed in a manner that ensure employees collaborate in different projects.

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Employee Skills Training

Research Paper on HUD's Human Resource Management Assignment

A critical component towards enhanced workforce productivity of employees at HUD is employee training. HUD has established a framework for training new and existing employees for the development of knowledge, skills, and overall competencies. As shown in its Strategic Plan, the agency’s approach to employee skills training involves establishing partnerships with other federal and local agencies. The agency leverages on these partnerships to promote increased participation in its job training programs and ensure employees have a wide range of knowledge and skills for improved performance. This approach has contributed to enhanced working conditions and the way in which employees work, which is one of its major strengths. Secondly, this approach has enabled the agency to empower its employees and equip managers with necessary tools and skills for better performance (Donovan, 2018). However, the weaknesses of the approach include the fact that such partnerships sometimes do not provide employees with agency-specific knowledge and skills. Even though the partnerships enhance employees’ range of skills, they are sometimes ineffective as they fail to provide knowledge and skills that directly relate to workers’ roles and responsibilities in the organization.

Recruiting and Training Recommendations

Given the weaknesses in its human resource management framework and ineffectiveness of some training programs, HUD needs to enhance its personnel management strategy. The agency could benefit from implementing some recommendations for improving recruitment and training. First, HUD should incentivize employee referrals, which plays a critical role in identifying, recruiting and hiring qualified and talented employees. The agency needs to establish and incentivize an employee referral program as part of its strategic workforce planning. Such a program would improve HUD’s recruitment since committed employees have valuable connections that could benefit the agency. Secondly, HUD should establish a workforce-development program that benefits all employees. HUD should create a program that engage participants, focuses on specialized training modules, promote differentiated instruction, emphasizes practical tasks, and includes regular assessments (Laboissiere & Mourshed, 2017).

In conclusion, HUD has established a human resource management framework that seeks to promote workforce productivity. The agency’s approach to personnel management includes various components that are centered on strategic workforce planning. These components have played a critical role in the successful operations of HUD since inception. However, the approach is characterized with some weaknesses that could negatively impact workforce planning. As a result, HUD needs to develop an employee referral program and workforce-development program to enhance recruitment and hiring of a qualified workforce.

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