Hugo Chavez: Buffoon, Autocrat, Television Entertainer Essay

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That was the irony as Chavez used oil money to bolster his power.

How did he treat his subordinates? He rambles on for hours, according to the video and comments by Alberto Barrera, and his ministers and guests "have to put up with his rambling on for six hours…telling the same joke." He has his cabinet doing foolish things like investigating the death of Simon Bolivar -- wasting time and money -- on an assassination that happened 200 years ago. He treats his cabinet like they were children, is the answer to that part of the question. When Nelson Mora, an activist paid by the government, told Chavez on television that most of the people in a barrio that were to be moved to a new "socialist city," and that Chavez had been deceived into believing the people did want to move. On live TV Chavez told Mora that he was an infiltrator, and put Mora down. Freedom of expression is okay as long as it does not come from his supporters who may wish to criticize him.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Hugo Chavez: Buffoon, Autocrat, Television Entertainer Assignment

Does he allow others to criticize him? Yes, in fact the press is free in Venezuela, but the video indicates that Chavez hates to hear people speaking out against him. Since he believes that he is always right, when his supporters criticize him he is furious. In the video a newspaper that had generally been supportive of Chavez ran a story saying that the healthcare in Venezuela was "in a coma," Chavez went on television, waving the article on the front page, attacking the most staunch supporter of the government. He equated the criticism of the healthcare in Venezuela with "Yankee imperialism," and said no one was exempt from his wrath. He called it a "media war" and clearly, Chavez displays neurotic behaviors, which takes away from his otherwise fairly slick propaganda on his Sunday television monologues. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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