Human Behavior, Physiology and Freedom Term Paper

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Though the afore mentioned examples may seem extreme, they are important to consider in the analysis of behavior. Ultimately, some control does serve a purpose.

By nature, human beings are blessed with the mental capacity, absent of disorders such as schizophrenia and retardation for example, to choose between right and wrong. However we are also, as the result of the environment in which we are brought up in and worldly events subject to changing behavior at a moments notice due to eventful circumstances. Having some level of control, such as laws and regulations, allow us to live our lives and make choices under an umbrella of safety. Granted, in some cases the choices and level of control are extreme. In the U.S. For example, most individuals are accustomed to having a level of freedom that is equivalent to doing what they want when they want as long as they abide by the law. In other countries however, such as in the Middle East, women are subjected to covering themselves and following strict orders of discipline and submissiveness. These "worldly" controls ultimately lead to different behavioral patterns in men and women in each culture. The appropriateness of each behavior has, thus far been determined by the people that are elected or take over as leaders of the country.

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How effect would cultural design be as an objective? To what extent does anyone want to monitor and dictate the behavior and daily activities of all the people in the world? This question is perhaps the most complex to be addressed in this article. Cultural design and genetic coding, cloning human beings, all of these factors seem to be the wave of the future. It is feasible that many years out scientists will propose a means of producing a homogenous culture that behaves in the same manner. A cultural group of people with an identical or similar physiological make up, with the same genes and nutrients, may in fact behave similarly. But again, the question of environment comes into play.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Human Behavior, Physiology and Freedom Assignment

Environment plays a tremendous role in the behavior of individuals. People brought up in the United States are generally accustomed to a great many more "freedoms" than individuals from more controlled cultures. Does this make other cultures bad? How would we as a society, as a world, develop a cultural design?

Ultimately, cultural designing could not occur unless there was agreement across the board about the means by which humans should be born, genetically programmed, fed and environmentally influenced.

Cultural design is likely an objective of more socialist or communist societies that embrace the idea of having a lot of control over the behavior of their populations. This statement is not however, meant to state that these ideas are wrong

Simply, this essay argues the point that human beings are too complex to impose too much control or cultural design upon. The characteristics of human behavior are the result of complex physiological and environmental functions. If the world were comprised of a few hundred people, it may be easy to ascertain the level of control necessary to assess appropriate behavior. However, in a society as diverse and complex as our own, one can only make educated guesses as to the significance of the influence of physiology and worldly factors on human behavior. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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