Article Review: Human Behavior

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[. . .] Thus a spiritual person is less likely to be prejudiced and discriminating.

Social work values

The behavioral theories and the ethical code of conduct formulate the behavior that complies with the norms of the society. The social work class has some values like respect, avoiding discrimination, cooperation and collaboration. The social workers need a proper education to fine tune their behavior towards respect to race, ethnicity, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity age, marital status, etc. The respect of peer social workers is evident from having fair and balanced views about colleagues. The social workers need to avoid negative criticism of coworkers in communications that can doubt the level of competence of others simply on the basis of expression, age, marital status, political, religion, immigration status, and mental or physical disability. The human behavior should also be sensitive towards rights of others and should not discriminate on the ethical or racial basis.

It is need of the hour that people should show a cooperative behavior that understands the rights of others on resources as well as progress. Given the scarcity of resources and the slowing pace of growth, the humans can only survive in the modern world in a cooperative manner (Yordanova, 2011). The win-win approach will be the success of mankind and fighting for resources may benefit one person but will be the loss of the other. Thus, if a society wants to benefit collectively, it should ensure that fairness and cooperation prevails.

Ethics Perspective

Human behavior benefits a lot by complying with broad ethical principles like social justice, dignity and worth of the person, human relationships, integrity, and capability. The ethics of valuing service elevates service to others without seeking self-interest. The social justice encourages workers to pursue social change. (Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers, 2008). This motivates workers to fight poverty rather than discriminating on the basis of social classes. It believes in equality of opportunity; and meaningful participation. The social workers value dignity and thus treat individuals with respect and care. The ethical social workers are socially responsible. They also value relationships and engage people as partners. They put effort to strengthen relationships among people and believe in integrity of individuals and their positions.

Social justice perspective

The social workers believe in the perspective of social justice that says that individuals, families, groups and organizations are ethnically diverse and each has the right to social justice. The social justice discourages discrimination, oppression, poverty, and any other form that divides society into classes the social justice believes that it every member of society should have the right to seek resources, promotions, better lifestyle and to get rid of social problems. The feministic and spiritual theories support the social justice theories. These theories believe in the rights of all the members of society despite their social class, ethnicity and orientation towards religion, marriage and politics. Human behavior becomes empathizing when it respects the rights of others and values everyone and anyone simply because of their being human.

While the fight for individual rights is still not over and people believe that their rights are still important, the social workers talk about the rights of society as a whole. They believe that when there is a system that values the humans over all other attributes, it becomes easier to offer rights to all the people and when the society is just, everything would set fine (Yordanova, 2011). The social justice theory believes in the inverse effort. It says that rather than asking for rights of self, everyone should be considered about his responsibilities. Thus when people are dutiful to others, everybody is respected and the rights are not violated. This approach deals with the problem of clash of interest and offers an optimum solution via care and respect.

Society and human behavior

The behavior of a society is no different than the collective behavior of the people living in a society. Thus, the social scientists believe that in order to achieve justice and fairness in society, these values should be first incorporated in individual behaviors. While there are many organizations that have codes of conduct putting emphasis on ensuring rights of others and discriminating negative behaviors, it is suggested that people should consider all the individuals as important and vital for the society as they consider themselves (Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers, 2008). This behavior is both feminist and spiritual and will nourish a society where human behavior is less selfish and more progressive. This is the need of the modern world. The modern world, social scientists believe cannot be truly modern until the human behavior is modified so that it is different from the selfish behavior of other species. Human values of compassion, love and relationship should guide their behavior and should not let the modern man discriminate colleagues in order to 'survive'.

Distinction of a social worker behavior

The behavior of an individual is inherently inclined towards achieving his own goals and objective by adopting any possible manner. It is the values of people that guide them towards a behavior that is aimed at goals. The values of a social worker include respect, integrity and cooperation. Thus the social workers are behaviorally more acceptable and reasonable. Their values guide them to be more humane and socially responsible. The human behavior that arises from the care for others is the one that can be admired and aspired. Such a behavior shapes a society and organization which is more productive. It is respect and collaboration that increases determination of people to devote their efforts thus increasing their productivity. The behavior of social workers is shaped in a manner that it becomes idealistic also for an ordinary individual.

The behavior is nothing but the response of one human towards other humans, things and circumstances. This response can only be positive if a person finds out something good and valuable in others. Thus, in order to improve the human behavior, articles as well as the code of conduct guidelines suggest that person should bring changes in his values of life and values of work. These values will be finally reflected into his behavior (Shellhase, 1981). Considering all men equal will reflect in a behavior that demands and seeks social justice and fairness. A feministic perspective might be very helpful in this regard because this approach does not seek power or authority rather tries to value each person and recognizes value of individuals and their unique role in the society. It is therefore recommended in the light of understandings through articles that a person who tries to have a reasonable behavior should adopt right values first.


Human behavior is complex yet it avoids the hassle of understanding each different person rather helps categorize human behavior and then understanding these human behavior attributes. People have behavior that is guided by genetics, environment, training, parenting, ecology and systems. Human behavior is not totally rational but can be explained. The theories discussed by Finn and Jacobson and by Payne help outline the human behavior and separate the reasonable behavior from the unreasonable behavior. The social work values are way different than the capitalistic interest of people. These values do not believe in the 'survival of fittest' rather communicate that each individual has the right to survive and grow. The opportunities should be fairly offered to people and there must not be discrimination based on race, gender, political and religious orientation or nationality. People are inherently same and capable of growth. The differences among human beings should be respected since every individual has integrity. The human behavior becomes more refined and reasonable when it is guided by the feministic and spiritual approaches.


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