Human Ecology - Climate Change Article Review

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The two important references mentioned by the author have covered the changes and impacts seen by the societies after the climate change since many years. The main aim of the author is thereby to highlight the importance of the book. The effects seen in the cultures of the societies are an important fact that makes the book more important. The specific theme of the book as mentioned by the author is that changes are seen in cultures being followed in the contemporary societies. Second strength of the article is additional research of Evert Van de Vliert that has been mentioned by the author. The book talks about two important factors that have an impact on the cultures in the societies; climate and wealth. The main focus of the Evert Van de Vliert has remained on the impact that the climate has on life satisfaction, levels of happiness, and levels of cooperation, social organization and patterns of work being followed in the society. One of the main strengths of the book as mentioned by the author is additional quantitative research conducted by Evert Van de Vliert on harsh conditions as posed by the climate on different kinds of social features of the society. The interaction between affluence of a country/community and the climate has also been researched quantitative.

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One of the main weaknesses that can be observed after reading the article is that the review is not very detailed. More emphasis has been given to the additional facts as compared to the facts represented in the book.


Article Review on Human Ecology - Climate Change Assignment

Two ideas that were most engaging in the article included limited research carried out on the impact of climate changes on social structures, and secondly, an additional, more expansive and quantitative research as carried out by Evert Van de Vliert on the specific impact that the climate has on cultures of the societies. The fact mentioned by the author that the past researches have only focused on effects of climate on the societies overall is supported by some of the publications from the past that include Ellsworth Huntington's 'Civilization and Climate' published in 200. The latest publications supporting the relationships of climate and culture by Evert Van de Vliert include 'The Climate Connection: Climate Change and Modern Human Evolution' by Renee Hetherington and Robert G.B. Reid, published in 2010 and 'Wind, life, health: anthropological and historical perspectives, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute Special Issue Book Series' by Elisabeth Hsu, Chris Low, published by 2008.


The article is important as the book reviewed in the article is an important addition in the climate research. How climate affects cultures in the society is the main topic of the article.


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