Research Paper: Human Evolution Heading?

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[. . .] Indeed, all students in medical schools must be up-to-date to what the research specialists are undergoing. However, spending time on this kinds of subjects does not improve their every day practice and is not crucial for the treatments that are conducted on a day by day basis.

3. The case of the Blue Fugates

The case of the Blue Fugates in Kentucky is representative for the way in which science can, to a certain extent, improve the lives of people. More precisely, it is rather known the fact that people have a tendency to be scared or at best avoid things or other people they do not know. The Blue Fugates is one such case in which people with a rare disease were in fact stigmatized by the fact that they had a bluish color on their skin. After research conducted on this issue, it turned out that in fact there was nothing special about these people and in fact suffered from medical conditions that in time would be cured. Even so, this community was left outside of the social norm particularly because of a change from the ordinary conditions of men. From this point-of-view, medicine and the evolution of research not only saved those people's lives but also contributed to an improvement of their social and community lives.

4. Race and racism

An important aspect from the article relates to the fact that race can be seen as a social construction, rather than an acclaimed and proven developmental difference. As per the article, at the beginning of the 20th century the European race was said to comprise of different other races which in fact makes it impossible to establish so many categorical differences between human beings that in effect do not differ to such an extend as to assume they are part of different evolutionary groups. The assumption that people are different cannot be determined by using biology especially given that there is no clear distinction between people around the world. However, the constant attempts to differentiate have motivated racism along history, an aspect which at this point seems no longer appropriate. Race is not a criteria for… [END OF PREVIEW]

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