Human Factors in Business Technology Essay

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Today, all medium-size and large business organizations rely heavily on IT personnel for much more than strictly their technical expertise. Specifically, the growing trend is to integrate IT personnel much more comprehensively into a much wider range of business functions because it is largely impossible to design, monitor, and maintain the IT system of large organizations without considerable understanding of many business management and operational needs.

Information systems are also used extensively for employee training but in some cases, the quality of that training suffers by virtue of the low quality of IT-based training programs or their implementation (George & Jones, 2008; Robbins & Judge, 2009). Another potential problem linked to reliance on IT systems is that the enthusiasm to upgrade IT processes can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations and to corresponding unanticipated losses (Robbins & Judge, 2009). That is just one significant reason that integrating IT personnel into business functions more comprehensively than their traditional roles within business organizations is a necessity.


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Notwithstanding the tremendous advances in modern business management and operations since the dawn of the information age, the most fascinating aspect of it may be that what seem to be such highly advanced systems and processes today may, in fact, be only the very first steps of further changes to business institutions than have occurred so far. Ultimately, one of the more likely directions in which modern business will evolve by virtue of IT systems is the substantial elimination of the need for most employees in many industries to work outside of their homes altogether.


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Essay on Human Factors in Business Technology Assignment

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