Human Interaction Discussion Chapter

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Human Interaction

Analysis of the Dimensions of Human Interaction

Ergonomics and the dimensions of usability are together one of the most disruptive forces at work in software, device development including smart phones and tablet PCs (iPads) and the continual evolution of website usability. The extent to which a given device, software application or website has excellent usability relative to peers is directly proportional to its perceived value to prospects and customers in its core markets (Seffah, Donyaee, Kline, Padda, 2006). The attributes of attractiveness, awareness, transparency, virtuality, user (as in defining the 'user') or user experience, user-centered, user-friendly and universal design are all interrelated to the dimensions of usability and ergonomics.

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Discussion Chapter on Human Interaction Assignment

At the center of an excellent usability design is a consideration and anticipation of user's requirements and needs, and those considerations are reflected in navigation, aesthetics and tolerance for misdirected navigation (Georgievski, Sharda, 2006). Excellent usability then has an awareness of the user's needs, wants, preferences and goals and strives to create an attractive, intuitive and user-centered navigation on a device or website (Rafla, Robillard, Desmarais, 2006). What emerges from an analysis of successful systems that exhibit these attributes is a framework or architecture that is flexible enough to take into entirely new scenarios not anticipate when created yet rigid and reliable enough to deliver predictable results over the long-term (Rafla, Robillard, Desmarais, 2006). The long-term aspects of these frameworks succeeding is the ability to meld into how customers do tasks every day, not interrupting them but accentuating their experiences and making their more efficient and fun… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Human Interaction Discussion Chapter

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