Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Term Paper

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This test, which looks for viral DNA is performed by collecting cells from the cervix and then sending them to a laboratory for analysis. The test can detect high-risk types of HPV even before there are any conclusive visible changes to the cervical cells.

How is HPV treated?

HPV cannot be cured, but the warts can be treated. Although warts may go away on their own, the viruses can remain. If warts do not go away or if they recur, they may need treatment. The type of treatment depends on where the warts are on your body. Warts can be treated with medication applied to the area or surgery to remove them.

If you have a lot of warts, or very large ones, your doctor may recommend that they be removed with surgery. Although all these treatments destroy the warts, the virus may still be in nearby tissue. It can produce new growths weeks or even months after the old ones are gone. You may then need more treatment.

How can HPV be prevented?

The only way to prevent contracting HPV is to avoid the virus altogether. The chances of contracting HPV can be reduced by not having sex or by using spermicides (substances that kill sperm). Sperm is the male sex cell that joins with the female egg to produce offspring.

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Reducing or avoiding risky sexual activity (such as reducing the number of sex partners) can decrease the chance of developing HPV. Having sex with condoms made of latex or polyurethane may decrease the risk of developing conditions related to HPV, such as genital warts and cervical cancer. Latex and polyurethane are two substances that help make flexible materials.

Condoms do not offer full protection from HPV because the virus may be found on parts of the body that is not protected by the condom, such as the anus. However, they may reduce the risk of getting HPV when used correctly and consistently. Condom use has also been associated with decreased risk for diseases related to HPV, such as cervical cancer.

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Doctors recommend that people avoid having contact with partners that have genital warts, until the warts are treated. This can decrease the chance of getting HPV. It is important to mention that going to a doctor for regular check-up can easily prevent cervical cancer, which is one of the possible results of HPV infection.


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