Human Resource a Common Challenge Term Paper

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Human Resource

A common challenge that a variety of workers and white collar executives are facing is locating stable employment. This is because globalization is having an adverse impact on their ability earn a decent living and receive benefits that will address their needs. In most cases, this will often result in these people facing layoffs from employers who do not offer them what they require. As their jobs have been outsourced to other locations and they have no way of finding more work.

To make matters worse, many college graduates are having trouble locating employment in their chosen career field. Instead, they are often working in odd jobs and are underemployed in order to make ends meet. According to a recent study conducted by the Associate Press (AP), they found that 53% of all college graduates age 25 or younger are underemployed. This is because the economy and changing demands from businesses (who are requiring greater skill sets). In order for most people to gain any kind of experience, they will face challenges in obtaining the background and training that is necessary. (Weismann, 2012)

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At the same time, many employees in select industries will have their skills become obsolete. This is because they did not focus on having additional amounts of training and their firms were not pushing them to do more. A good example of this can be seen with many laid off factory workers who obtained their jobs based upon predetermined skills. However, once the economy began to change is when they faced problems with using their skills at other firms. This results in these people seeking out lowering paying jobs in order to survive. To avoid these kinds of challenges requires having an employer that helps to address your current and future needs. ("Post Crisis," 2011)

Our department is focused on taking into consideration the views of many different employees. This is because our policies account for how everyone will have changing needs. We believe that addressing them, is a part of the way you can improve their quality of life and make the work environment more uplifting.

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