Dissertation: Human Resource Development Strategies

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[. . .] Ghana is found to have confusion and inconsistencies between the stated ultimate objectives of government and the management of personnel in the public sector; the relative youth and inexperience of top public-sector administrators; too much or too little centralization, inadequate statutory regulations covering employment: remuneration, advancement, or dismissals for many positions in the public sector.

This project aims at sourcing the inadequacies and then formulating a strategy or HRD policy, which will help solve at least some of the existing problems. The Ghana Water Company has been taken as a focal point for this study.


The information base for this study has basically been sourced through The Library

The library research concentrated on the search for the related literature for both the previous work on the subject matter and for the major theoretical inspiration underlying the concept and framework of HRD

The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web provides a fountain of information and is a medium by which I can communicate with people in a company so many miles away. The online libraries make referencing easy as well as systematic.

Field Work (Indirect - through the telephone and email)

The method of field investigation involved structured interviews with both core and Top Management staff of GWCL. Telephone interviews, administering of mail questionnaires and electronic media particularly E-mails were used to solicit the views of these officers.

Organizational bodies number of bodies and organizations whose activities impact and relate directly to the operations of the Ghana Water Company were consulted for relevant materials both published and unpublished reports, journals and other publications. These include the Ministry of Work and Housing, the Public Utility Regulatory Commission, the Divestiture Implementation Committee and the Ghana Water Company itself.

The target groups to be covered are the District Managers, Commercial Officers and Operations and Maintenance Officers. They are the direct beneficiaries of any HR policies, implement and carry out the numerous activities intended to ensure the growth, sustainability and/or otherwise of the company.

It is important therefore to engage in informal conversation but with a focus with these people about their perceptions on staff development and other related issues since sometimes-official documents may be tailored to suit a particular purpose and not give a true reflection of what is actually happening. The Human Resource Manager will also be interviewed similarly as well.

The questions, which have formed the base for the research work, are Human Resource Development: What makes it critical to organization's survival and success?

What is the nature of human resource development in the Ghana Water Company?

Why do organizations develop their human resource?

What contributions do employees make to organizational survival and success?

How does management in the Ghana Water Company mobilize the training and development needs of their staff?


This essay will be presented in four (4) chapters.

The first chapter will deal with the introduction, statement of problem, research objectives, hypothesis, literature review, methodology, organization of work and the significance of study.

Chapter two will look at the concept Human Resource Development, it benefits and approaches, the structure and background of Ghana Water Company and their HRD strategies if any.

Chapter three will examine the root causes of the inefficiencies, whether due to managerial bottlenecks or other contextual factors.

The last chapter will be conclusion, suggestions and recommendations as to how best human resource management can help to address the human resource problems in the company.


This project is an effort towards identifying the problems faced by both the human resource as well as the management in implementing HRD policies.

It also aims to provide to them a viable solution to resolve at least some of the existing problems faced by them It is my hope that, at the end of this essay, politicians, Chief Executives, policy makers as well as the general public will appreciate the importance of HRD and accord it the necessary assistance if, Ghana's dream of attaining a middle income status by the year 2020 should come to fruition. It will also add to the existing scanty knowledge of Human Resource Management on which any future projections and analysis can be based. Lastly, it will serve as a model, which may lead to the understanding of some of the factors impinging on the healthy promotion of HRM in Ghana.

The importance of the study is based on the conception that no lasting progress towards sustainable development can be made if HRD is denied it rightful place in organization activities.

The study therefore hopes to makes politicians, Chief Executives, policy makers as well as the general public appreciate the importance of HRD and accord it the necessary assistance, if Ghana's dream of attaining a middle income status by the year 2020 should come to fruition.

It is will also add to the existing knowledge of Human Resource Management on which future projection and analysis can be based. Lastly, it will serve as a model, which may lead to the understanding of the factors impinging on… [END OF PREVIEW]

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