Human Resource Is a Function Term Paper

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The prevailing rates of the wages, the availability of local people qualified to fill the vacant positions, local laws, and the use of expatriates interact to influence the level of benefits and compensations. For example, when a company has few applicants for a given job, the remuneration of that position usually increases. For the company to reduce the expenses, the manager may consider hiring an expatriate (Mondy, Noe, & Gowan, 2005).

Multinational corporations develop policies that are applicable globally so that it can offer benefits and salaries representing a given market level. For instance, large and successful companies that emphasized on quality employees and products have global policies that pay the highest salaries everywhere they operate (Mathis & Jackson, 2003).

Task distribution

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Task distribution is very complicated, and a very difficult affair because of the lack of communication, coordination of the different sites, cultural barrier, lack of adequate knowledge bases and other dependencies. There is also limited space and time that make the role of task distribution very challenging. In multinational corporations, different employees have divergent views from different cultures and integrating them is very difficult. This makes the role of task distribution very difficult in multinational corporations. There is also the role of language barriers that engulf the multinational corporations. Different people talk different languages and thus communication and assignment of different tasks to them can be very challenging (Mondy, Noe, & Gowan, 2005).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Human Resource Is a Function Assignment

The different task allocation strategies are used in an environment including modular structures like product-based and functionally based, functional expertise-based structures, phase-based structures, and customization-based structures. These structures consider one criterion in the allocation of tasks to remote teams and ignore other important factors. In most cases, important factors such as cultural dependencies and communication are often ignored. According to scholars, mutual trust, willingness to work, product architecture and culture must be part of the deliberations for task allocations.


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