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Human Resource is a general term to which many institutes have assigned the meaning of the grouping of conventionally executive personnel roles with performance running, worker affairs and resource planning. Human resource is becoming more and more popular. It has been observed by the information received world wide. Be familiar with the fact that labor (people) are an important part and are considered to be an organization's chief asset, business owners from every part of the world are trying to count on a successful management plan, which has a major task to develop human resources. The purpose of Human Resources is to capitalize the return on investment from the organization's human wealth and minimize economic risk. It is the duty of human resource managers to perform these actions in a valuable legal, reasonable and reliable manner.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Labor union organization of employees is for the principle of humanizing their financial position and working environment through united negotiations with employers. Traditionally there have been two main forms of unions: the craft union, in which all the affiliates are trained in a particular craft and the second is the industrial union composing workers of the same industry or industries not considering their particular skills. When United States was formed Unionism came with it. The early 1830s was a time in which industries were prospering and so were the union developments. However after the financial panic of 1837 the growth stopped. After the Civil War in U.S.A the National Labor union was formed which was quite successful until it entered the political arena. And the most important union of the 19th century was the Knights of Labor which structured itself amid both trained and untrained workers. But after some time they also encountered opponents and thus their support decreased. During the late nineties many more unions were formed but mostly they got disorganized and did not get successful. But after the 1930s the unions went through a rapid growth in membership. In those times the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) was formed. And during the time of the government of Franklin Roosevelt, steps were taken to refurbish the worsened standards of employment and to assist the growth of trade union organization. And for the success of such steps a National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act was introduced which emphasized on the rights of unions and thus lead to the formation of National Labor Relations Board. There were usually disagreements among two of the greatest labor unions in U.S.A i.e. The AFL and the CIO. But in the latter stages these both unions merged and formed AFL-CIO. But after that came the decline of the unions. The unions face an economical blow which greatly harmed its power base.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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