Human Resource Learning Development Essay

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Trainers of human resource develop learning goals based on the understanding of the coaching philosophy of the organization by the line mangers. Topics for leadership include how employees can be provided with constructive feedback and how to perform fair and unbiased evaluations of the performance of employees. Workforce of both human resource and line managers should be pooled together so as to ensure the organization sustains a constant approach to management performance. Inconsistencies that occur within the management performance of the organization system impacts negatively on satisfaction of job by an employee is also another reason for line managers and human resource to work together (Wilson, 2005).

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Resolution of conflict: When the employees come up with different personalities, styles and cultures, they are bound to experience inevitable conflict at their work place. When such conflicts come to existence, line managers look for advice from human resource to resolving the conflicts between either employees or managers and employees. If a dissection between line management and human resource exists, it may be very challenging for human resource to find out what is it with the issue and ways of resolving it. A working relationship that is positive between the line management and human resource avails handling of the workplace investigations easily and interceding the difference that exist between the staff. When line management and human resource work collectively, it makes it easy for human resource to make investigations on issues of the workplace because the staff of the human resource may be greatly confident that line management document their actions and decisions of employment accordingly and appropriately t policy of the company (Mayo, 2004).

Essay on Human Resource Learning Development Human Assignment

The human resource function exists to offer support for the business through giving support to all the three groups of customers we were investigating. Those in senior management strongly held the perspective that human resource was there to offer support to both managers and employees: 'in order for the human resource to support the business, they are supposed to support employees and the line'. The skill that human resource gives is appreciated by both employees and managers during the making resolutions for critical disagreements or problems that come about from performance at an individual level (Mayo, 2004).

Human resource services effective for employees are witnessed in giving support and not diluting the line's responsibility for management of persons. The ability that to train the line managers that is within the reach of the human resource, especially around performance management, is very much valued. All the customer groups stressed the significance of systematic coaching for new managers (Wilson, 2005).

Human resources Managers have a function of updating the well-being of employees while at work. Senior managers specifically want human resource function to comprise of a challenging and an independent perspective of how to bring to equilibrium the needs of the business and the interests of the employees. They recognize the temptation of putting priorities of short-term management ahead of maintaining relationship that is positive to the workforce. They need assistance of the human resource in order to strike the correct balance (Mayo, 2004).


In the past, businesses survived with minimal investments in employee training and development. In the current business world, workers are expecting enormous intrinsic satisfaction from their employers and they also want to be given humane treatment. This has become a prevalent trend in the current workforce such that employees are willing to quit work if they feel that they are not emotionally engaged. Whether these workers perform poorly or leave, it would be a loss for the company (Mayo, 2004).


Organizations should embark on employee programs that emphasize on experimental learning activities engaging employee emotions in a positive manner. This should incorporate positive workplace settings. If employers do not incorporate such critical pieces in employee training and development, businesses will continue to be frustrates while employees will have minimal chances of reaching their maximum potential (Wilson, 2005).

Losing employee potential precipitates losses for the bottom line of the business. If organizations are not thinking about making their employees more valuable, then organizations do not have a chance. Uninvolved employees, wasted minds, and angry and bored labor force does not make sense. However, this can bee easily fixed by thinking about the needs of employees who attend learning sessions (Wilson, 2005).


Mayo, A. (2004). Creating a learning and development strategy the HR business partner's guide to developing people. London, Chartered Institute of Personnel, and Development… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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