Human Resource Management Careers Thesis

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Human Resource Management

Careers in Human Resource Management

Upon graduation I hope to enter the field of human resource management. According to John Bratton and Jeffery Gold (1999) human resource management is defined by a body of knowledge and a set of practices that establish the nature of the work and regulate the employment relationship. This occupation encompasses the administration of five basic functions. Staffing entails obtaining people with appropriate skills to fill jobs in the organization. This involves planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection. Another function of the job is the design and administration of a rewards system. This includes job evaluation, performance appraisal, and the establishment and distribution of benefits. Employee development is the examination of training requirements so that employees have the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform their duties satisfactorily or to advance in the organization. Performance appraisal also helps to identify employee key skills and aptitudes. Employee maintenance requires the monitoring of workplace safety, and health and welfare policies with the aim of retaining a competent workforce and compiling with statutory standards and regulations. Employee relations cover a broad spectrum of issues. Responsibilities in this area vary depending on whether the work place is union or non-union. In union environment responsibilities also include negotiations between management and union representatives over decisions affecting the employee contract.

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Often these are top management positions crucial to the success of the company. Successful resource managers need to be aware of the requirements and needs of the various departments within the organization and have an understanding of the company's mission in order to assist other managers, serve them as internal clients, and create solutions that will be optimal for success (Careers in Human Resources, NDI).

TOPIC: Thesis on Human Resource Management Careers in Human Resource Assignment

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (2010-11) forecasts income and employment opportunities to be favorable in the HR field for the foreseeable… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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