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But HR can also implement diversity training and awareness programs, in order to ensure that other managers are aware of the issues, and take them into account, in particular freeing themselves from their own biases.

Beyond this, HR has a few other things it can contribute. HR is one of the key drivers of the organizational culture. A culture of diversity and inclusiveness is really one of the best methods of ensuring the organization has a good diversity and inclusiveness component. One of the big reasons is because after the hiring process, people have to work at a company, and turnover of diverse talent can become a problem if the values of diversity and inclusiveness are not baked into the organizational culture (Chavez & Weisinger, 2008).

Diversity is essential to the workplace for a variety of reasons. The biggest one is that a higher degree of diversity allows the organization to vet its ideas against a broader range of perspectives. Solutions that would not be apparent to a group of similar people might be obvious to someone from a different background or perspective. Furthermore, diversity plays an especially powerful role for companies that market to consumers, because having a broader range of thinking and cultural values, that better represent the customer base, makes a company more like to be in tune with its customers and serve them better. But even for companies that are B2B or not especially customer-centric, having a diverse range of perspectives and ideas often leads to better outcomes financially, because of the greater degree of rigor applied to ideas.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Describe and explain HR’s role in adapting to innovation. How does HR anticipate future needs and circumstances? How does HR create a culture of innovation?

Q&A on 4 Questions/Answers in HR Management Today Assignment

There are a few ways that HR can contribute to innovation. Fostering a culture that embraces change and creative thinking is definitely one of them. Innovation is something that comes from creative thinking, and it comes from being able to adapt and solve problems. Some organizations do not have a culture that fosters this type of thinking. HR cannot create a culture on its own, but it can be a strong voice for that sort of culture, encourage managers to look for those traits when hiring and promoting, and advise the executive leadership on the importance of building innovative thinking into the company culture, and what some of the best practices are for this (Lau & Ngo, 2004).

HR can anticipate future needs in part by being tapped into the organization’s strategy, but also by reading HR literature, both academic and professional, to understand what the leading companies are doing, and getting ideas from there. A culture of innovation, for example can be created not just by targeting creative thinkers during the hiring process, but also by removing some of the barriers that can stifle innovation in a company. For example, HR can coach managers and leaders on what the barriers to innovation look like, so that those leaders can be aware of how they can foster more innovation in their departments.

One recent innovation in human resources practice is the use of AI-driven software to help sift through resumes, and try to identify top candidates. There are risks associated with relying too heavily on machines, but AI-driven software can substantially lower the cost per hire by reducing labor intensiveness associated with the earlier stages of candidate assessment (Verlinden, 2019).

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