Human Resource Management Is an Exciting Term Paper

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Human Resource Management is an exciting and dynamic industry. For one to be successful as an HR manager, one must be understand the current trends in HR Management. Heathfield (2010) suggests there are two trends an astute HR manager should be cognizant of. These are the focus on the "whole" employee (rather than a person merely filling a position) and worker choice. The focus on the whole person is not new in Healthcare nor is it in Education (Jensen, 2008). It is interesting to note that HR Management, at least in the literature, is noting the importance of meeting the needs of the whole employee. Insofar as worker choice, this trend suggests that workers feel even more disenfranchised by the economic downturn of the past few years, and recognize that his or her livelihood rests with a proactive, entrepreneurial spirit. Heathfield suggests that today's workers recognize that they can be let go in a Nano-second and that employment options are to actively sought (even when one is employed).

Performance Management and Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations have been used and abused for so long that Heathfield (2010) suggests that they should be renamed "Annual Assault" rather than Annual Review. Ideally, an Annual Review uses quantifiable, measurable objectives to identify employee strengths and weaknesses. The Annual Review process is tenuous, at best. If a worker performs "lower" or "worse" than the preceding year, it affects morale, productivity and the overall office environment (Heathfield). Moreover, supervisors often feel that a one-size-fits all tool is less than effective to measure employee effectiveness and improve performance (Heathfield).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Human Resource Management Is an Exciting and Assignment

Perhaps a more effective tool is the move to a Performance Management System. Performance Management is a system that fosters increased employee performance, improved morale and increased sales,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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