Human Resource Management: Four Questions Essay

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Jobs are then suggested dependent upon how much one is willing to make. Jobs at each level are also not rated or rated "Bright Outlook," "Green," or "Registered Apprentice."

I felt the analysis was relatively accurate in identifying my interests and aliening them with a career. There were some jobs that were rated that I in which I have no interest, such as pre-school teacher and interior decorator, however there were many more jobs suggested that did interest me. Overall I found the exercise was well worth the effort.

3. As an HR professional how could O*NET/DOT be useful in conducting job an analysis? Explain specifically how you would use the data from this site to assist your organization.

This site contains valuable resources that are very useful when conducting a job analysis. Critical information on essential elements of job performance for employers and managers is readily available, including activities and traits necessary to be successful as well as knowledge and skills. The occupational information pertaining to worker characteristics, worker requirements, experience requirements, occupation requirements, occupation characteristics, as well as occupation specific is readily available and essay to access.

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Specifically any time a job required an analysis one could simply go to "My Next Move" and research all the aspects of the position. Furthermore, the Toolkit for business provides information on job descriptions, job design, and job reengineering. Another feature is a site for veterans.

4. As a director of human resources, would you have your staff use this site? Why or why not?

TOPIC: Essay on Human Resource Management: Four Questions Assignment

As a resource director I would encourage may staff to make use of the information available on this website. It is essential to provide employees with opportunities for career advancement and skill development. The toolkit provides an outline employees and HR personnel can use in order to assist in this effort. Information on skills required in the future as well as skills required for personnel to attain the capacity to perform other job duties is an essential element in the retention of valuable employees. Another feature of the site is that one may browse careers by industry.

Benefits of using this site include time savings -- developing job descriptions can be time and labor intensive; efficiency -- data is easy to research and easy to understand; consistency -- standardized occupational descriptors make it simple to compare work across a broad range of functions and levels; and effectiveness -- provides comprehensive and current information for a wide range of occupations, this helps to better target recruitment efforts, training programs and define career paths. Furthermore, the standardized descriptors create a common language.


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