Human Resource Management the Function Essay

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Moreover, benefits may include additional services that focus on the mental and physical health of employees, which helps to retain existing employees while simultaneously attracting potential employees (Human Resource Management, 2011).

Training and development is a third major function of human resource management. The creation of training programs can help solve performance issues within an organization (Burley, 2012). "Instructional design skills, as well as outstanding facilitating and presentation abilities, result in training programs that produce tangible results" for an organization (Burley, 2012). Evaluations help to determine where training and development is needed within an organization; evaluations can be performed by upper level management and/or include suggestions for improvement from employees. Training and developing employees for higher-level tasks and duties can help to raise efficiency and performance standards of an organization (Human Resource Management, 2011).

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Performance management is the fourth major function of human service management. "Establishing and implementing a complete performance improvement process is an essential skill" and can help to determine compensation and benefits an employee is entitled to as well as help to determine if any training and development is needed (Burley, 2012). Furthermore, in order for Performance management to be properly evaluated and implemented, a performance review process must be designed, maintained, and monitored (Burley, 2012). Human resource managers must also coach other managers throughout an organization how to utilize performance management tools to achieve maximum evaluation and performance management efficacy.

A strong human resource management department and team is necessary to ensure an organizations continued success. Furthermore, human resource management allows for the development of a relationship between employee and employer and puts procedures into place to resolve any issues that may arise.


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