Human Resource Management and Job AIDS for a Medical Office Manager Position Term Paper

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Human Resource Management and Job Aids for a Medical Office Maanger Postition

Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids for Medical Office Manager

The last business century has been market by radical changes in practices and view points, leading to the reversal of what was once considered a business mile stone. The most eloquent of these changes was the migrating attention from the management of increased productivity and revenues towards the efficient management of Human Resources.

The financial goals remain unchanged, however the means of achieving them have changed radically. Today, contrary to the 19th century, managers place far more emphasis on the qualities, capabilities and knowledge of their employees in the strong belief that professionally qualified and satisfied employees are vital for the overall success of the company. The undoubted proof for this fact are the large number of human resource departments within and outside companies, as well as the various means of selecting, hiring, training and preparing the personnel.

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In order to insure the company with the best employees, the human resource manager has to get through several steps that line up the hiring process. For starters, he needs to clearly define the available job position within the company, by stating the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the job. Further on, the hiring authority has to develop the selection criteria, and point out the eliminator criterion. Then, he will organize the selection process by attending interviews, will form an opinion and based on the criteria selected will hire the required personnel to fill in the vacant positions. Once hired, the new employee has to on go the training process and integrate himself within the company.

2. Presentation on job analysis

TOPIC: Term Paper on Human Resource Management and Job AIDS for a Medical Office Manager Position Assignment

The medical office manager has to fill in a vacant position of plastic surgeon within his hospital and the first step in doing so is to perform an analysis of the position available. Literary known as job analysis, the method is used to identify the requirements of the position. "The purpose of Job Analysis is to establish and document the 'job relatedness' of employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal."

Keeping this in mind, the medical office manager will identify the requirements of the job. The occupant of the plastic surgeon position has to be a medical school graduate, with additional training and at least three years of expertise in the field of surgery, namely plastic surgery.

The responsibilities of the new plastic surgeon (according to the official web site of the Institute for Plastic Surgery of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine) are to constantly participate in all medical and scholarly activities, correctly and constantly fill-in the medical records, report all operational experiences, carry on personal learning activities so to keep educated and gain new acknowledgments, protect himself and the patients from infections and transmitted diseases and participate to all medical conventions in the field of plastic surgery.

Once the responsibilities of the vacant position have been stated, the medical office manager has to state the rights of the new plastic surgeon. He is entitled to work in a pleasant environment, receive fair treatment and participate to all learning and scholarly activities.

The next step in the job analysis is to establish the compensation for the work performed within the hospital. The compensations will be both financial and non-financial. For financial compensation the new employee will receive the medium wage of a plastic surgeon, to which the hospital will add pay rises based on the candidate's medical achievements and background. The non-financial rewordings would include the sponsorship of extra-curricular and recreational activities.

Aside from requirements, rights and compensations, the job analysis process also refers to means of selecting the candidates, as well as identifying the "training needs."

3. Tips for the selection process

The core of the selection process is to identify from the total amount of candidates those who best meet the demands of the vacant position. The aim of the process is to select qualified personnel that will gain the utmost satisfaction from occupying the position of plastic surgeon and who will aid to the overall development of the hospital.

The first step in selecting the candidates is processing the resumes and eliminating those candidates that do not meet the desired requests. The medical office manager will select the medical doctors that simultaneously possess two qualities: the necessary knowledge to fill in the plastic surgeon position and background expertise. The recruited candidates will the be subjected to several interviews. The most relevant of these interviews are the technical interview and the psychological evaluation. The psychological evaluation is a rather set procedure performed by a psychologist doctor and it evaluates the individual's thinking and his capability to adjust to external stimuli.

On the other hand, the technical interview is a more complex process and it is intended to evaluate the candidate's knowledge. For instance, to test the acknowledgments of the candidate, the medical office manager could subject him to both written tests that present hypothetical surgery cases, as well as to real life situations.

The written test are more theoretical evaluations and might be irrelevant, that is why practical tests are desired. However, the practical tests bring about the issue of medical morality as they might endanger the safety of the patients. In such cases the doctor performing the operation needs the written agreement of the patient. Another alternative to practically test the candidates is to allow them to operate on corpses. However this procedure does not grant one hundred percent evaluation, as the overall results cannot be observed, it is mostly used.

4. Script for orienting new employees

The process of new employee orientation solidifies the new employee's relationship with the organization. It fuels their enthusiasm and guides their steps into a long-term positive relationship with the company."

Opposite to the job analysis, where the process regards the actual job, and not the occupant of the position, orienting the new employee is all about the new individual in the company, or the hospital, in this particular case. The purpose of orienting the new comers is to integrate him in a friendly environment which would increase his productivity.

According to the management specialists at Bacal & Associates, the orienting process should commence by first giving the new employee the basic information about his tasks and the main features of the position, the "basic job survival."

The medical office manager has to be aware of the fact that the new plastic surgeon will not be able to process and remember all information in just one day, so he needs to restrict the amount of information he will share. Further on, next to presenting the technical data, the manager also has to present the social aspect of the job by introducing the new surgeon to his co-workers and by encouraging the development of friendly relationships.

What is vital in the process of orienting the new employee is remembering to "Introduce employees to both information and people in a controlled way."

5. Training proposal

The process of training new employees is aimed to offer them specialized knowledge and perfect them at their job. Given the high complexity of the position of plastic surgeon, the training process is a rather extended one, both as time length as well as in demands expected.

The American Osteopathic Association explains the training a doctor must on go in order to become a "fully trained" plastic surgeon. There are several training possibilities, the most common of which starting with a general residency in surgery of at least three years.

Since one of the necessary requirements for the position is for the candidate to have completed the three-year residency, the medical office manager will only have to insure the new surgeon with the training following the general residency. This includes an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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