Human Resource Management: Job Analysis Essay

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Human Resource Management:

Job analysis is the organized procedure of gathering information for identifying the skills, knowledge and abilities that are necessary to perform a certain job and determining the nature of that particular job. This emphasis on the required knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics has been the focus of both traditional and some existing job analyses. Strategic job analysis involves the integration of strategic issues that may impact jobs in the future into the job analysis. Therefore, strategic job analysis involves the organized process of collecting information to determine the necessary skills, knowledge, abilities and other characteristics for a specific job with a future-oriented approach. One of the major advantages of strategic job analysis is that its implementation enables human resource practitioners and managers to anticipate and predict future organizational needs (Pynes, 2009).

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Recruitment is the process of appealing to competent candidates to apply for an organization's vacant positions. As an important concept in human resource management, recruitment must be linked with the mission of the organization and incorporate efforts to predict the organization's future personnel needs. For an organization to have an effective recruitment plan, determining when and where to search for competent applicants is crucial. Recruitment is divided into two categories i.e. internal and external recruitment with internal recruitment involving the search of an organization's existing staff to fill a vacancy. On the other hand, external recruitment is the search for competent applicants from outside the organization.

Essay on Human Resource Management: Job Analysis Is the Assignment

Performance management is the process of evaluating employees' input towards the delivery of quality services by the organization. This component is used to help organizations in achieving their missions and to provide response regarding the ability of HRM functions to work in line with the organizational objectives. As a valuable component of HRM, performance management provides an organizational management with important information for making decisions concerning the improvement, retention and separation of employees.

In human resource management, strategic job analysis, recruitment and Performance management are strongly connected. Through strategic job analysis, an organization's human resource managers identify the required knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics for each position and the expected future changes of the job to meet changing demands. Actually, it's through strategic job analysis that an organization identifies the skills of the people it recruits and hires. On the other hand,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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