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[. . .] Each restaurant is equipped with its own video-training room, and all hand-out step-by-step manuals which cover all aspects of operations -- from how to make a cheeseburger, to how to handle customers.

The training of McDonald's employees ensures that once they have completed the process, they are expected to do the following:

Report to work on time, in proper attire

Maintain a level of hygiene

To know and understand operational procedures

Rely on team-work and high energy performance

Remember to be fully customer-oriented and, to deliver fast and efficient service

Organizational Climate

McDonald's is not only the number one ranked fast food chain in the world, but it is also one of the biggest employees in the United States. They are dependent on their employees to give customers what they are looking for -- consistent service and quality products. When customers receive this and are duly satisfied with their experience at the restaurant, the organization's revenue will increase. The main goal of McDonald's is for an increase of revenue as well as growth and expansion.

Today, McDonald's management is known to be one of the most efficient and organized for a large company. This is why their doors have been open for decades, and if management only improves, they will stay in business for years to come.

Human resource management plays a big role in keeping McDonald's quality of service, which ensures that customers keep coming back for the consistency in products as well as service. The HR ensures that all employees are well equipped with the right training to be able to meet all the customer's needs. Not only do they provide training, but they keep their employees on goal and with their priorities in the right place.

Since human capital is the most important asset in an organization, it is the human resource department's job to be able to find the right employees, keep them happy and manage them well for an efficient and productive working environment. McDonald's ensures that hiring of employees is done following specific standards, and all employees must undergo training. Beyond that, management requires that branches are maintained by regularly doing quality assessments conducted by regional managers.

All these are ensured and kept in line by human resource management, and it is the goal of human resource management for the organization to effectively meet its goals whilst keeping a good, well maintained working environment and happy, productive employees.


The food industry is one of the biggest markets on the globe, and they owe this to their organizational structure. Every nation is part of this, no matter where you are on the globe. Consumers have very high demands when it comes to the quality of taste and consistency in their food, also they are always looking for a way to save money, yet still getting their quality. To be able to satisfy all these demands, organizations which are part of the food industry have to continually come up with new ways to be able to impress their consumers, putting a lot on the line.

Keeping customers is the main objective when it comes to any industry because that is where their revenue comes from. Therefore, organizations must establish and maintain a good relationship with their customers. McDonald's has a management which purely revolves around their customers. This is the reason why they are so successful.

McDonald's has key efforts in putting their customers first, having good quality and consistent products at affordable prices, providing a hygienic and ambient environment as well as promoting their brand well.

To be able to do this, McDonald's has devised a well organized way of handling management, starting from setting their goals of gaining revenue, hiring people who can help accomplish these goals, maintaining and managing these people in an efficient workforce and addressing problems which are duly handled. All of these are part of a power cycle which starts at human resource management ("McDonald's management," 2006). McDonald's human resource management proves their success in the success of their organization -- over 60 billion burgers sold worldwide.

The McDonald's overall management success in reaching its goals is based from the organization's well structured human resource management who takes care of its human capital from the hiring process to efficiently managing them in synchronization to the organization.


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Factor Weight Rating Extended

Opportunities Reason Why Selected

McDonalds can take part in the hot-cold beverage industry There is a boom in the hot-cold beverage industry, such as the Starbucks phenomenon 0.22 2-0.44

McDonalds can promote healthy food and nutrition Health and nutrition are becoming big issues in society today, promoting a healthy lfiestyle can attract new consumers and keep the old ones 0.15 1-0.15


McDonalds has been experiencing negative media image McDonalds has faced lawsuits regarding health issues and obesity, this results in negative media image and draws away consumers 0.6-4-2.4

Consumer spending is decreasing Because of the recession last year, sales in revenue have significanly declined from the current ratio of 1.39 in 2008 to 1.14 in 2009 0.5-3-1.5

Total 1.47 1.1225



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