Human Resource Management - Personal Essay

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Advocate that I am -- and was at the time of this scenario -- I was completely confident that Jill felt supported in her work and development, that Jill knew I was interested in seeing her succeed, and that I appreciated the special set of skills that she brought to the job.

Number eleven and number twelve, respectively, of the dimensions are: Someone helps me develop the innate talents that I bring to the job; and Opportunities to learn and grow. By providing Jill this new opportunity to expand hers skill set and take on some additional responsibilities, I was able to convey to Jill my appreciation of her innate talents, and I was able to identify the best possible match of her talents to a valued job at the bank.

Number and number, respectively, of the dimensions are: Having a best friend at work. Although Jill undoubtedly had other friends at the bank, I think at that moment in Deborah's office, I became Jill's best friend. As a side note, Jill, the other tellers, and I work diligently to maintain friendly relationships, but also to ensure that our opportunities to fraternize do not result in favoritism.

The scenario described a situation in which a supervisor did not consult with a middle manager in order to understand the background and the rationale for what she perceived was a problem (Senge, 1990). In my efforts to avoid this type of destructive confrontation in the future, I requested that Deborah and I meet regularly to discuss how the new position was going with regard to customer response, Jill's performance, and the profitability of the branch (Kaufman, 2003).


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Essay on Human Resource Management - Personal Assignment


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