Human Resource Management Essay

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Organization training included company orientation -- handbook of general policies, procedures, forms, benefits, expectations, etc. This is typically done either online or with a larger group, and is part of adhering to Federal and State guidelines. Department training may or may not be specific; it could be a seminar on anger management, or employee counseling, or any number of generalized themes for managers; or it might consist of specialized training on a corporate software package or rollout of a new system. Tracking employee training and development is usually done electronically, with tags automatically for needed training, etc. HR also is responsible for keeping up with legal and governmental changes and regulations regarding minimum wage, overtime, key benefits, safety and following company or union procedures to ensure equity within the workplace (Martin, 2006)

Part 3 -- Part of the critical functions of HR management is keeping track of legal and governmental information. This is both an internal and external matter. Internally, the files are electronic and assist managers in documenting issues like tardiness, performance issues, etc. under the guidelines of the Company Manual and the law. HR is involved in the grievance process as outlined in the Company Manual and usually there not to judge but to ensure that the proper procedures were taken from management, that the employee had adequate training, and to act as an impartial arbitrator. HR may either testify or help managers prepare for arbitration or hearings, or attend as a back-up to ensure that the Court or authority understands what steps the company took prior to any action against an employee (Lussier & Hendon, 2013).

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