Human Resource Management -- Questions Research Paper

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5. In your opinion, which of the HRM functions appears to be the most challenging to implement? Why? The most challenging HRM function to implement is recruitment. There are so many qualified people today, and with the electronic age, many more of them can find out about jobs at a particular company and apply for them. That makes the HRM department's job more daunting, and requires good filters to screen out particular people who are not right for the company. It takes time and effort to set up and maintain recruitment methods in a global society.

6. What difficulties would an HR executive face in assessing and then communicating the contribution of his or her area to the company profit margin? Most often, the profit margin is something viewed in black and white, such as sales numbers. Since the HR executive does not have a direct line to a particular level of profit, he or she must show how HR saved money for the company by proper recruitment, training, and retention of employees. Helping the company develop and advance would also need to be showcased.

7. The book proposes that Peter Drucker is incorrect when he states that work in HRM is nothing more than the work of a file clerk. What has happened in the world of work to make this statement false? Drucker made that statement when HRM was all about blue collar workers. Now, the HRM function is so much more than that. Globalization caused the HRM department to change and adapt. Now, that department is often the backbone of a strong organization.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Human Resource Management -- Questions Assignment

8. Why is it necessary for the HRM area to clearly communicate human resource policies? Policies have to be understood by all employees, or it is not reasonable to expect that those policies will be followed. It is the responsibility of the HRM department to enforce the rules, which can only be done… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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