Human Resource Management Technology Plays Essay

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Human Resource Management

Technology plays a very important role in the way that jobs are designed within our contemporary society. This fact is largely attributable to the reality that technological advancements and processes have significantly altered nearly all aspects of life. As such, it is of immense importance for human resources professionals and managers to consider technological assets, and the specific skillsets that they require, when denoting and attempting to fulfill requirements for certain jobs. This responsibility, however, goes beyond the work of simply interviewing and hiring, and actually is a core component of designing the functions and tasks that a specific job should complete. As such, it is of immense value to delineate how technology will affect a specific job, as well as to evaluate the core components of a job and its description that technology will enable the employee to fulfill.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Human Resource Management Technology Plays Assignment

For the most part, one can successfully argue that jobs are largely designed around technological applications. Typically, organizations have a specific business function that they create a position of employment to fulfill. When looking to implement that particular function, it is necessary to outline what technological means will enable a person to best carryout that aspect of the business. In certain cases, for example, marketers will need to supplement their methods by analyzing customer and product data to better serve a specific client base. The technology that they will be required to use, which is usually some variety of self-service business intelligence and analytics applications such as dashboards, search tools, and interactive visualizations, will facilitate the requirements for such a position. In company that has self-service business intelligence, there will be substantially more autonomy for this marketing position. Organizations that have more conventional warehousing tools and populous IT departments, for example, will require less analytic capabilities for the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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