Human Resource Management Workers Case Study

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Chapter #6: Recruiting and Labor Markets

Case: Recruiting at KIA

Question #4: Explain how utilizing the Internet, like Kia did and other employers do, is changing how recruiting efforts are occurring for a variety of jobs in employers of different sizes?

* Different organizations are applying internet in the recruitment process since it saves time and incurred finance. It enables a larger base for application in cases of larger companies making it easier for the human resource management quicker screening process. This is to assist in the elimination of the unqualified applicants. Firms have been in the long run applying social network to enable the recruitment process easier especially in finding out of the recruitment related requirements (Mathis & Jackson, 2010).

Chapter#7: Selecting Human Resources

Case: Full Disclosure on Sex Offenders

Question #1: Identify what a manager should do in the first Michigan case presented

*In the first Michigan case presented, a manger should protect their employees and customers through the avoidance of negligence during recruitment. This is especially with exemplary information about their applicants from the Megan's Law Website. They should avoid hiring of convicts through checking with the registry pertaining job positions especially with hospitals and healthcare facilities (Mathis & Jackson, 2010).

Chapter #8: Training Human Resources

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Case: 21st Century On boarding

Question #2: The case introduces three companies of very different sizes. What differences do you see in their approaches? What similarities?

Case Study on Human Resource Management Workers, Jobs Assignment

*The approaches of the companies particularly in that the Sun Microsystems orientation program consists of majorly paper work. This is with some employees waiting up to 2 weeks to access e-mail for appointments. El Paso Corporation employs a differing on boarding procedure with new recruit's orientation happening on the first week. This is with the accessibility e-mail having links to everything involved with the daily operations of the company. Zimmerman Advertising orientation enables its recruits in the understanding of the company hence accessibility of the hiring website. This is available to applicants to assist in knowing the company's clients philosophy and the leadership (Kleynhans, 2006).

*The companies are similar since they both apply the use of the internet and the modern on boarding systems to enable their employees understand everything about the companies. This aids their integration into the daily operations.

Chapter #9: Talent Management

Case: Leadership Leverage

Question #3: The top managers are very busy people. Why was it necessary to involve them in leadership leverage?

*The top manager's involvement in the leadership leverage facilitates the development of plans to aid the direction of the operations, project management [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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