Human Resource Managers Research Paper

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A significant difference that accompanies the system apart from being automated requires that employees who are nonexempt to register their time to assure their pay. No pay can be processed if the period is not registered in the system (Chanda, Sivarama, & Shen, 2007).

Technology that relates to Time and Attendance

The old saying that goes, 'time is money' has never been true. The increase in costs has caused the advancement in business efficiency; businesses are seeking ways of overcoming these challenges. When unable evaluate, it becomes very hard to manage it (Chanda, Sivarama, & Shen, 2007). Below are ways of evaluating and tracking employee attendance and time:

Businesses that are service oriented - Some businesses need track of employee attendance and time badly. These businesses include law firms, auto repair, warehousing, accounting, and consulting. In these types of businesses, the employee is in direct contact with the customer.

Manufacturing businesses - Manufacturing oriented businesses also need information on what and where the employees spend their time. Some of these companies concentrate more on products that are customized and are unique to certain customers. Whichever way, track of the amount of labor directed at the cost of production of the product (Chanda, Sivarama, & Shen, 2007). The reasons for tracking employee time are attendance and time for purposes of payroll; billing, in case the time of an employee is billed directly to a customer; costing, in case the time of an employee directly relates to product cost.

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Research Paper on Human Resource Managers Have Been Assignment

It is only a matter of confusing a simple concept. Members of Human Resource technologies decided to show their core value in the tag line of their companies. They believe that it is very important for families, employees, suppliers, partners and clients to have knowledge of our identity as important as it is for them to know our function. As software comes and goes, technology continues to advance and legislation changes; the practices of HR adjust to the always-changing commercial and cultural world. Personally, the relationships that we truly value are those that are not time limited. We always try to live by this philosophy in our everyday lives however hard it is (Chanda, Sivarama, & Shen, 2007).


Chanda, A., Sivarama, K.B., & Shen, J. (2007). Strategic human resource technologies:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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