Human Resources and Change Essay

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Many factions of the federal government claim or imply that the calls between customers and staff are recorded, but who knows for certain if that is truly the case. The calls should be recorded; they calls should be monitored by Human Resources at the IRS. When there are stellar examples of customer relations, staff should know. When there is a pattern of inappropriate interactions with customers, staff should be notified, retrained, and perhaps penalized.

The IRS could also seek different character traits in the new staff hired that differ from staff that exhibit inappropriate behaviors with customers. The IRS could possibly expand its notions of the ideal employee and open up to applicants with different background from those typically found in the current and former staffs. People who work at the IRS have background in finance, administration, accounting, and information technology. Those are not really people-centered or interaction-heavy disciplines. Perhaps if the IRS hired actors, educators, salespeople, film producers, non-profit leaders, event planners and other people whose field necessitate exemplary communication and social skills, the customer service would drastically improve, as would overall efficiency and productivity.

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Both human resource planning and recruitment would serve the IRS best if considering implementation of the proposed change. The IRS is too important and employs too many people to lay off most of the workforce and start from scratch. Therefore, while some current staff may be dismissed, most of the staff will remain and they all need updated training. Before the training commenced, there would have to be significant planning on the part of HR. In conjunction with executive management, the organization's goals need to be reevaluated and mapped out clearly. New goals, outcomes, and objectives must be made clear before the training begins. How can anyone be trained when those providing the training are unaware of the ideal state or result of the change(s)?

Essay on Human Resources & Change: The Assignment

Human Resources can develop the people already working at the IRS and have clear criteria for the new employees they recruit and select. The new employees will have the benefit of the new training as they commence employee orientation. Employees that exhibit evidence of adherence to the new codes should absolutely be rewarded. Performance appraisal lets HR know which changes are working and what evidence of the changes there exists. Performance appraisal also acts as a motivator for employees to be at least adequate to exceptional. When employees know their performance is monitored, they can be motivated to perform well when they know there is a reward, including praise for great service. Performance appraisal can also lead to higher rates of employee retention. People need to know and appreciate knowing that their work, time, and service are recognized by their peers and superiors. Acknowledgment breeds pride in one's endeavors. A sense of self-esteem can lead to compassion and contentment, both of which go a long way when dealing with anxious and/or irate Americans during tax season.


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