Human Resources Contribution to Competitive Research Paper

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Increased Customer Satisfaction

Happy employees project a positive attitude, to which customers will respond well. Individuals with high job satisfaction will be less stressed and more motivated to manage customer needs. A good experience interacting with a company's staff will increase the likelihood of repeat business. Employees who believe their organization values their well-being, provides job security, and ensures that staff members have adequate knowledge and equipment to perform their tasks will reward their employer with loyalty and will be more likely to take ownership of their responsibilities. "An HR perspective that is both unique and powerful is one that establishes the linkages between employee commitment, customer attitudes, and investor returns" (Ulrich & Brockbank, 2005, para. 31). If the human resources team creates programs to facilitate employee communication, remains aware of job satisfaction levels, and takes steps to improve job satisfaction, they will be able to create a very positive work environment that will result in even happier customers.

Job Training and Support

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Employees who receive consistent on-the-job training, opportunities to stay on top of new trends, and even tuition reimbursement will be more effective in the workplace. "To be a catalyst for strategic change, HR would need to focus on creating a work environment that promotes continuous learning" (Gaining competitive advantage, 2005, p. 2). Organizations that fail to provide structure, leave employees to fend for themselves when it comes to supplies and equipment, neglect technology needs, or lack leadership and management will find productivity levels suffering tremendously. The human resources staff is responsible for developing training programs and ensuring that managers have the necessary leadership and management skills to provide guidance to employees. An organization that provides formal training will cultivate more functional and productive teams.


TOPIC: Research Paper on Human Resources Contribution to Competitive Assignment

A company's workforce is a crucial asset. Human resources departments now have the opportunity to reshape the organizational culture and develop a group of employees who can deliver a competitive advantage over the competition. By attracting the best talent, creating a positive work environment that fosters employee retention, providing opportunities for advancement, and facilitating diversity, human resources can contribute to increased profits.


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