Human Resources Department Developing a HR Company Manual

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Human Resources Department

Developing a HR Department

A Guide to the Human Resources Department

The purpose of this document is to develop Human Resource for various departments of the company "Titan" which helps in the overall efficiency and productivity of the firm. The top level management may use this as a tool to improve on topics such as compensation practices, benefit offerings, training and development program, performance evaluation and other mentioned programs. The overall goal is to achieve short-term efficiencies in operations that benefit in the long-term.

A Guide to the Human Resources Department

Effective decision making is founded on sound planning. In order to be successful, organizations must develop both long-range (strategic) and short-range (tactical) plans. In addition, resources must be organized and allocated to carry out organizational goals in an effective and efficient way. Human Resources professionals need to utilize those approaches to strategic planning and business development that are present in the marketing, financial, technology, and operational departments. Every company has a marketing plan to guide their product and/or service strategy. Hence, every organization should have a human resources plan that outlines their people strategy (cited in Lauby 2009).

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For our purpose, we will choose some specific topics from our organization, "Titan" which is a first tier supplier to major athletic shoes manufacturers such as Nike, Puma, Converse and other organizations. We will develop a Human Resource department which fulfills the needs of senior management in maximizing the efficiency of the company. Our overall goal will be to integrate our planning to the main business plan of the company in a way that it benefits in the long-term strategic goals of the company. First, we will focus on the compensation practices which Titan may apply for employees who righteously deserve it.

TOPIC: Company Manual on Human Resources Department Developing a HR Department Assignment

Compensation Practices

The main compensation is divided into two categories, short-term disabilities and long-term disabilities. In both the cases, we evaluate the overall record of the specific employee in his/her field of work and after a thorough assessment, a compensation is planned by the head of the employee's department which then forwards it to the senior management for formal approval. The employee is also consulted throughout the whole process but the final approval lies in the hands of the senior management. While short-term disabilities may include a common sick leave, minor injury or any other personal reason, long-term disabilities may include permanent damage such as a major injury, physical or mental impairment or any other factor that affects the employee on a lifetime basis.

Employers have to make sure that people with disabilities:

have an equal opportunity to apply for jobs and to work in jobs for which they are qualified;

have an equal opportunity to be promoted;

have equal access to benefits and privileges of employment that are offered to other employees; and Are not harassed because of their disability.

Further, an employer is also required to provide a reasonable accommodation if a person with a disability needs one in order to apply for a job, perform a job, or enjoy benefits equal to those offered to other employees. An employer does not have to provide any accommodation that would pose an undue hardship. Besides the above points, the compensation may also include different packages such as paid leave (depending on the rank and performance record of the employee according to his department) or payment as a whole for the damages caused.

Benefit Offerings

If we wish to maximize the value of employees' benefits expenditures in a firm such as Titan which covers wide range of fields such as sales, marketing, industrial design, fashion design, tooling design, manufacturing, assembly, and shipping, we need to survey and ask them what they value and how much. Benefits surveys or focus groups are important first steps in understanding employee preferences. Relevant questions might include the following.

What benefits are most important to you?

If you could choose one new benefit, what would it be?

If you were given X dollars for benefits, how would you spend them?

On the basis of the data developed, we can adapt the benefit offerings or provide choices consistent with organizational objectives such as employee retention or performance. Finally, we'll have a look at Personalized Benefit Statement which gives a brief overview of data which company uses to judge an employee for benefits paid that are part of total compensation package.

Personalized Benefit Statement Terms

The terms are listed in order as they appear in the Personalized Benefits Statement

Personnel Number

Base Salary

Hourly Rate


Employer Taxes



Educational Assistance

Workers Compensation

Benefits Total

Compensation Total


Employee (insurance)

Spouse (insurance)

Dependents (insurance)

New employee orientation process

There are two related kinds of orientation. The first we will call Overview Orientation, and deals with the basic information an employee will need to understand the broader system he or she works in. Overview Orientation includes helping employees understand:

government in general, the department and the branch important policies and general procedures (non-job specific)

information about compensation and benefits safety and accident prevention issues

employee and union issues (rights, responsibilities)

physical facilities

Often, Overview Orientation can be conducted by the personnel department with a little help from the branch manager or immediate supervisor, since much of the content is generic in nature.

The second kind of orientation is called Job-Specific Orientation, and is the process that is used to help employees understand:

function of the organization, and how the employee fits in job responsibilities, expectations, and duties policies, procedures, rules and regulations layout of workplace

Introduction to co-workers and other people in the broader organization.

Job specific orientation is best conducted by the immediate supervisor, and/or manager, since much of the content will be specific to the individual. Often the orientation process will be ongoing, with supervisors and co-workers supplying coaching.


Orientation (or lack of it) will make a significant difference in how quickly an employee can become more productive, and also has long-term effects for the organization. To help you in the orientation process, we have included a checklist for the Job-Specific Orientation. Note that any complete program will include other elements...those that would be included in the Overview Orientation. (Sims, 2002, p. 85)

Training & Development Program

Most employee learning and development programs fall under the following categories:

Management Development

Career Development

Basic Skills

Professional Skills

Technical Training

Supervisory Skills

Tuition Reduction

The support of learning and development creates a "win" for the employee and for the workplace (cited in Noe, 2009). We can have:

Employees with upgraded skills, working to their full potential and equipped to deal with the changing demands of the workplace

Employees with higher morale, career satisfaction, creativity, and motivation

Increased productivity and responsiveness in meeting departmental objectives

Since the major workforce of Titian is related to manufacturing which often requires more experience of handling machinery and technical equipments, the management can offer bonuses or greater ranks with those who have a past experience with another firm, Also experienced workers are advised to share their knowledge and skills with the fresh workforce which makes the work of the training staff more easier and increases the overall productivity of the firm.

Performance Evaluation Process

A complete performance evaluation is the key to the success for a firm and its employees, it requires many methods to determine the efficiency of employees which then concludes who deserves a raise and why. There are many methods to conduct performance evaluation but for a huge and complex firm such as Titan, where employee numbers range in many thousands, the process should also be kept simple and easy for anyone to estimate or understand. Examples such as merit pay guidelines chart which may work on a point basis determining the rank by numbers of years dedicated to the firm. More years give… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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