Human Resources Departments Contracting Out Essay

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What will those costs consist of...

1. Costs in the HR department are in several different areas. In a recent survey by Hewlitt Associates, 75% of HR leaders report that they are under pressure to reduce costs. The first step is to establish a solid baseline -- even if taking full stock unearths hidden costs. True costs may be higher than additionally though. In addition to the costs normally associated with running an HR department, including HR staff salary and benefits, costs for recruiting and training new employees, and cost involved when an employee separates from the company. Many organizations underestimate the costs of HR, sometimes by as much as 50%.The hidden costs often include decentralized HR activities and HR technologies. Many employees outside of HR perform human resources tasks. Are these costs accounted for? Also, many of the technology charges for HR get charged to IT, turning into hidden costs. Any complete cost report for an HR department must include all of the costs listed above.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Human Resources Departments Contracting Out Assignment

2. In most organizations, the human resources department is much more than just another cog in the big wheels of the business. HR is often responsible for many broad-reaching activities that, at their core, support the organization as it manages its people. In many company budgets, the costs for running this human resources management system do not show up as part o the HR budget but are still part of the overall human capital. HR is more than a department: It is a set of broad-reaching activities that support the organization in managing its people. At many companies, some of the costs associated with providing these services do not show up as part of the HR budget, but are still part of the total investment in human capital. The costs for the HR department must include both federal and health benefit costs for the HR staff in the labor loading rate, for example. The cost or contracting out to vendors must be fully recorded, and whoever prepares the HR budget must know whether or not HR is charged for a portion of the company overhead. In short, a cost report for an HR department must include all of the basics -- hiring, firing, training, recruitment and retention costs -- as well as all of the other… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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