A-Level Coursework: Human Resources -- Employee Separation

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[. . .] This ensures uniformity and documentation;

h. In the case of termination, whether voluntary or involuntary, a face-to-face, private and direct meeting with a superior who frankly tells the employee why he/she is being terminated (Wood & Karau, 2009), so as to preserve the dignity of the individual being terminated (Anonymous, Employee terminations, 2006);

i. In the case of termination, the person's paycheck or proof of direct deposit, payment(s) for unused vacation and vested cash benefits, advance notice (Van Bogaert & Gross-Schaefer, 2005) and benefits data should be ready at the termination meeting (Anonymous, Employee terminations, 2006);

j. In the case of a potentially harmful/violent involuntary termination, company security should be alerted and used, the employee should be immediately escorted to remove his/her possessions, the employee should not be allowed to touch company property such as computers or to make phone calls or speak to other employees, and the employee should then immediately be escorted from the premises;

k. In order to preserve the morale of remaining employees and the company's relationships with its clients: the terminated employee should be treated fairly and respectfully; the specifics of termination should be promptly discussed only with remaining employees who need to know the circumstances and with clients who are strongly associated with the terminated employee; other employees should simply be told that the employee is no longer with the company and no discussion should be made about the terminated employee's character or motivation (Anonymous, Employee terminations, 2006);

l. In order to keep improving the procedures, review the company's recruiting, hiring and managing policies, along with the company's relationship with the terminated employee: was he/she unqualified; were gaps in expertise or experience overlooked in hiring; how can the recruitment and hiring procedures be improved to detect gaps in expertise and experience; how should training and other forms of performance support be improved (Anonymous, Employee terminations, 2006).

As these steps indicate, Employee Separation Procedures involve much more than merely firing an employee. These policies and procedures can provide opportunities for considerable company growth and improvement.

3. Conclusion

An Employee Separation Policy can benefit from other companies' decades of experience. Specifics of such a policy ideally begin before an employee is even hired. The employment contract should be very specific regarding performance expectations and compensation. In addition, the Human Resources Department should help establish and implement such measures as: a 3-month training phase; thorough education of the Department, supervisors and managers about legal, ethical and moral ramifications; careful documentation; speedy and precise information to employees abut subpar performance; a performance-improvement plan; review of work history, surrounding circumstances, ethical issues, effects on other stakeholders and possible alternatives; a termination checklist; a face-to-face, private and direct meeting; all payments and benefits data due to the terminated employee; usage of security to escort and control the employee; careful explanation of the termination to key employees and clients; and careful review of procedures to constantly improve the company's recruiting, hiring and managing policies. Through these measures, the company can be constantly improved through the conscientious practice of Employee Separation.

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