Human Resources Essay

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William A. Pasmore, Richard W. Woodman and Abraham B. Shani (2011) for instance believe that change is crucial for organizational development, in spite of the difficulties one encounters in implementing it. All in all, the findings of Kearns are important relative to other source as they consolidate some opinions, while in the same time, challenge others.

Another important stand within the specialized literature is taken by John Sullivan. The author argues that one major shortage of the literature is that it provides little practical applications, but only reveals the need for HRM. He as such strives to provide several examples of actual strategies which can be implemented by economic agents, not only discussed at a theoretical level. He for instance reveals metrics systems to integrating managers, programs to identify poor managerial solutions, cooperation in rewards, the creation of HRM advisory groups or the development of retention programs based on the highest risk of leaving the firm. These issues are less common within other sources and they are relevant to the current sources since they address new issues.

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All in all, the message sent by the sources consulted is that the field of human resource management is complex and continues to develop. And the best rationale for this hypothesis is given by the strong convictions of researchers in specific elements, whereas other researchers would have entirely different opinions regarding the same topics. This means that economic agents have to themselves develop and implement the most adequate strategies and that the theoretical field of HRM is still developing.


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Essay on Human Resources the Field of Assignment

Sullivan, J., Strategic human resources actions [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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